Mother Becomes an Inspiration to Her Children and People All Over the Country


By: Krystle Crossman

At 474 pounds 35-year-old Asia Ford knew that something had to be done about her weight but she had never gotten the true motivation to make that step. One day her husband had to have his arm amputated because of diabetes and she realized that this was stressful on her three children and she didn’t want to put them through that stress again if she ended up going through anything like that. Her daughter was wheelchair-bound most of the time due to Blount’s Disease and she didn’t get much exercise because of it. Ford said that she sat down with her daughter T-yona, 11, and they talked about how to make sure that they were the healthiest that they could be.

After speaking with her daughter they began to take Zumba dance classes. It was something that T-yona had always wanted to do. Ford also enrolled herself in a boot camp class to help her burn even more weight off. They adopted a much healthier diet in their home. Her boys both had fast metabolisms and were not overweight but she wanted to make sure that they stayed that way. They were more than willing (after a brief fight over Brussels sprouts from her youngest son) to help her in her weight-loss journey. Terrence, 12, may have fought her every now and then about the healthy food but he was the first to remind her about the 10k race that she stated she was going to run. He wanted to make sure she stayed on track for her goal.

Photos began to emerge online of Ford, 200 pounds lighter, crossing the finish line of the 10k race in town. She had her son holding one arm and a police officer holding her other arm. She was in pain. She was tired. She had thought about quitting before she crossed the finish line. She fought through it all and with the help of her son and the officer she made it. She came in last but she felt like she had come in first. She had finished the race and beaten the odds. She has a knee that needs replacing but she didn’t even let that stop her. Her son said watching her in the race was the most inspiring thing. She has inspired people all over the country who have been flooding her with messages of thanks for helping them to get up and get moving as well.


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