Mother is Confused about How Her Deceased 7-Year Old Was Found Right Near Her Home



The body of a seven year old boy was recently found and police are wondering what happened to him.  Michael Kingsbury suffered from autism and went missing near his home in Washington DC earlier this week.  He was found inside a locked car on private property only two buildings away from his home.

Katrina Kingsbury, the boy’s mother, thanked neighbors for helping in the search, but there is confusion on how the boy could have gone missing for so long, yet be so close by.

“We were there four times,” said Gaston McVea, one of the people who helped search for the boy. “That was our central location and somehow we missed this.”

Police still don’t know how the boy went missing, how he died, and why they couldn’t find him.  They also haven’t identified the owner of the car as of yet.   Some are saying that the police didn’t do their jobs when helping to find the child, and that’s why he’s not alive today.

Neighbors went after Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham, complaining about shoddy police work.  But he says that the department did all that it could to find the boy, including putting up posters, and going door-to-door.  But some are saying that the flyers were few and far between.

The boy’s mother says that her son was not allowed to leave the house without supervision.  His death has not yet been ruled a homicide, but officers say that they checked out the car where his body was found several times.  So far, the medical examiner has found no signs of trauma.



  1. Tracey Lesanne Bass on

    This baby did not deserve this where were the alerts at? Why wasn't his picture released to the media by the police department? I am not a racist but it seems that if a family has money, political influence, or been part of national attention, or has blue eyes they are given first priority over other children and it is shameful that our community police departments are not doing their jobs.

  2. Christine Fazio-Reed on

    Why are the police being blamed when the article clearly states that that car had been check several times? Come on people. Find the animal thay killed this prescious boy and blame that person. R. I. P. Prescious angel.

  3. Ok so I am confused too. Why are people jumping to blame the police. Lets ask some questions. A 7yr old Autistic boy who went missing. The mother says he wasnt allowed to leave the house without supervision. OK mom, so how did he leave the house without supervision???? And if the neighbors and everyone was looking and checking on things (in that area, that particular vehicle and found nothing), did they miss something too??? This is a weird story. Please post the rest of the details.

  4. …They checked the car several times AFTER the baby body was discovered!..Im assuming trying to determine how he died…. try re-reading the article! And when is the last time you saw NATIONAL media coverage on a missing black child???…..let alone substantial local coverage?….. EXACTLY!

  5. Don't start blaming the police! Where was the neglectful, piece of crap of a mother? Somewhere getting a fix?? Police can't supervise and watch your child for you! That's why some women shouldn't be allowed to procreate! This baby's life shouldn't have ended this way…not so soon. 🙁

  6. Tiffanie Davenport on

    Its obvious that @Latoya Boyd either doesn't have kids or doesn know what its like to have an autistic child. They are not like other kids. Heck….even normal kids can slip out of doors behind their parents backs. And even the best mother can't watch their child 24 hours a day. If you've ever gone to the grocery store and momentarily lost a child you wouldnt say such foolishness. And I believe the police are there for emergencies….and this would be one. I wonder why they didn't use a canine to locate the child. Even my little bitty town has a tracking dog on the force. Shotty Poluce work at best.

  7. I’m a mother of 3, my middle child is autistic…I NEVER let him out of my site for one minute, if I walk into bathroom or somewhere in house I speak to him he sometimes growls at me but I hear him that’s all that matters….They really need to look into the mother on this one, my opinion!

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