Mother of 3 Shows Off Flabby Tummy To Show “Fit Mom” Having Perfect Body Isn’t Important


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Maria Kang had social media buzzing earlier this year for posting a photo of toned and extremely fit body with her three children. She had the tagline “What’s your excuse?” on the photo, insinuating that those with children should all be fit like she was. Many criticized her for “fat-shaming” mothers into trying to be fit and having a “perfect” body after giving birth to children. Now a 35 year old mother from Australia is fighting back.

Taryn Brumfitt sparked a buzz on the internet when she posted a before and after shot of her body once she had children. Before her kids came along she was tanned, toned, and fit. After her children she was still very healthy but not quite as toned. The message that she wanted to convey is that having a “perfect” body is not quite what it is cracked up to be. She has been applauded by many women for showing others that you can still be healthy and still look beautiful without having to be “perfect”.

Brumfitt stated that to look like she did before she had children was something that could be done by everyone if they gave up everything that they loved. She had admitted to feeling like a selfish mother because she spent more time worrying about her diet and about getting enough exercise in that she neglecting spending time with her kids. After her first son was born she was horrified at her body image. She tried losing weight but then became pregnant with her second, and then her third. She was so disgusted with how she looked that she went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon for [email protected] implants and a tummy tuck.

Brumfitt said that one day while she was playing with her daughter she realized that surgery was going to be out of the question. She needed to teach her daughter about a healthy body image and how to love herself for who she is without going through surgery or giving up everything that she loved in life.



  1. LMAO…. Taryn God bless you!!!! Speak it plain

    Ain’t nothing like the truth!! The truth shall set you free… and having the bomb-body cost a woman 24-7, and some issues can’t be fixed by working out… You gotta come out of pocket /duckies baby (PAY MU-LAH)…
    I walk 12 miles per week and do incline, bottom-line I work my azz… I feel great and I’m healthy, but I’m still battling some areas, but I be damn if sexy don’t live here no more… I’m inlove with me…

  2. @ Dianna : Amen to that!!! :*
    Every woman is beautiful with or without kids & u don’t have to have the perfect body to prove it!!! :*

  3. This is a great awesome article.. I re-read it again. I totally applaud Tyarn for having the will-power and guts to love herself enough to step-forward with the truth, be realistic and down to the nitty-gritty concerning all women over the world, the changes our bodies go threw from child-baring.
    Some of you might be livid about her tactics and exposure but your azzes need to just get over it.. because its time out for all the lies and false-hoods that our bodies go back to norm after we have children… Its just an insecurity problem in our brain / make-up…
    If your husband or significant other doesn’t still love you after you’ve had his babies due to the drastic changes in your body, then he never loved you from the beginning in the first place.
    True-love comes from within… anything other then that is flat-out blatant false / and totally immature… get rid of his azz and love your babies…

    • And you need to take your immature-azz to another room and post on something else cuz your azz is real clueless… unless your just a FAG trying to call some shotz hanging out in women-business…
      Are you a punk-azz wannabe female dude or what???

    • You’re an idiot! She looks better than you I bet and let me tell you not all men like fake looking women who wear so much makeup and tight clothes they look like clowns!

  4. @Redbone – you dont like my comments feel free to scroll the hell on by…BTW Im a black woman 25 yrs old no babies because unlike some trifling black women I use birth control and my man uses condoms. Now go kill yourself ya yella bitch azz nigga whether youre male or female. Now you can go back fo fantasizing about licking that stank looking whore’s klit.

  5. WOW! She said unlike other black women she use birth control and condoms! “He who is without sin let them cast the first stone!” LMBO I’m a mature black woman who did the same but will deliver my first child in about 29 days. Watch what you say cause if its meant for you, you will become pregnant LOL OAN I’m proud of this lady for the picture she post. I do plan to workout a bit after I have my son but I will not allow the extreme exercise and dieting to control my life. GOD bless all moms! No matter the shape or size. We were called to do a job for God and should focus on the babies He loan us not our bodies. I feel I’ve EARNED every stretch mark. Do I want them to stay..maybe not but if they do, I’m good with that too! The weight that may become stubborn is a small price to pay for a wonderful bundle of joy.

    • Taz…

      Some people haven’t even began to live yet… The older you get life will give you a new song… God said with what measure you judge you will be judged also… There will be many knocks at the doors of young people who still have milk on their breath…. life is just getting started and God is the one who will engineer the path & test…

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