Mrs. World Pageant Founder Allegedly Called Black Contestants “N*99ers” With Many “baby daddies”


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: ABC NY

A despicable, racist, and sexist statement was made by a white male pageantry owner who’s behavior was subsequently condoned and denied by a Mrs. America contest executive.

A number of notable national news sources reported that four women competing in this year’s Mrs. America beauty pageant are putting pressure on the competition’s benefactor to issue a public apology over his incendiary remarks. Mrs. Delaware America Kimberly Phillips, Mrs. New Jersey America Crissy Timpson, Mrs. Missouri Brandy Palacios, and Mrs. Ohio America Jeri Ward are the four beauty queens at the center of this case.

The unspeakable incident of cruelty originally occurred this past August at a summer Mrs. America showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, David Marmel, the founder and owner of the Mrs. World/Mrs. America pageant reportedly used racial slurs openly directed at black women. Marmel’s evil, indefensible, and extremely inflammatory remarks were overheard by the four beauty queens.

“He told me that, ‘You black women need to stop having babies and four baby daddies. Your men are drug dealers, incarcerated, in jail, you are on welfare, and killing each other,'” said Mrs. New Jersey Crissy Timpson in an interview with the New York Daily News.

Mrs. Missouri Brandy Palacios also quoted Marmel on his demented words of venom. “He said that when he played baseball in the ’60s, he was down in Alabama and Florida and there were signs that read no Jews or n—ers allowed,” Palacios said to the media.

Like the good old boys do, Shawn Marshall, Vice President of the Mrs. America organization stood in defense of the one he serves as yes man to. “If there’s an apology, they owe Mr. Marmel,” Marshall said in a statement to the Associated Press.

The four ladies have not formally filed a lawsuit yet but they’ve retained a big gun from the legal standpoint. Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred is representing the four ladies (three black, one white) and plays no games when it comes to the aggressive defense she engineers in the fight for justice on behalf of women.

“They have described the comments that they allege that they have heard. They are not here to call anyone a name. Stereotypes are very harmful because they assume everyone is the same, and everyone is not the same,” Allred said in a statement.



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