“My thighs are disgusting”: Tyra Banks on Why Women Abuse Themselves With “fat talk”


tyra-banks-weight-gainBy Staff Blogger

Tyra Banks is a wildly successful supermodel, actress and the face of popular reality show, America’s Next Top Model but even she admits to sometimes feeling insecure just like many other women.  She partnered with Special K to encourage women to stop “fat talk”; when women say horrible things to themselves about themselves, such as “my thighs are disgusting” or “my buttt is fat and ugly”.

In an interview with Women’s Health, when asked why women engage in fat talk, the former talk show host says that she believes women do it as a form of self defense; they call themselves ugly names before anyone else because they feel vulnerable. The problem with this strategy, says Banks, is that it has a very horrible side effect; focusing on our shortcomings means that we become less aware of the ways in which we are beautiful.

Her interview with Women’s Health is below:

When did the idea of “fat talk” first become an important issue to you?
This is something that I’ve naturally just always been shutting down with friends and with girls that I mentor, like “Stop that! Stop saying these negative things about yourself. Look in the mirror and find something about yourself that’s positive and celebrate that!” I’ve been saying that for years with my TZONE Foundation and just with friends on a daily basis. And then Special K called me and they were like, “We’re interested in this and we have missions that align.” And I’m like, “Oh my God, yes!” So this felt organic.

Have you ever struggled with fat talk?
Mine wasn’t fat talk—mine was skinny talk. When I was a young girl, I lost a lot of weight over one summer—involuntarily—and was just really depressed and sad. There was nothing I could do to gain weight. I would look in the mirror and call myself disgusting every day.

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