Myths About $ex That You Thought Were True


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By: Krystle Crossman

$ex myths are told all over the world. Some people really believe that they are true, so they will spread them around to others. Here are 9 myths and the real truth behind them.

1. You can’t get pregnant if you have $ex standing up. Wrong! Gravity has nothing to do with it when it comes to the little swimmers. They are fast and can go in any direction they so choose.

2. Pulling out works. Wrong again. Many men produce what is called [email protected] which contains $perm. It can be released at any point during $ex without you or your partner even knowing it.

3. The best way to keep your lady parts clean is to use douche. Between 20%-40% of women use douche, and half of those do it weekly. The best way to keep clean is actually to leave those parts alone. Your vag!na has its own self-cleaning methods and fluids that flush out bad bacteria.

4. You can only get herpes from your partner if you have $ex while they are having an outbreak. This is wrong because people who have herpes can always transmit the virus, no matter whether they are having an outbreak or not.

5. If you are sufficiently aroused, you won’t need a lubricant. Some women take medication or have issues where they do not create enough fluid during ar0usal. This doesn’t mean they are turned on.

6. Size does matter and bigger is better. Not really. Some women certainly have a preference, but the old saying is true, “It don’t matter the size of the boat, it’s all about the motion of the ocean”.

7. You can be addicted to your vibrator. No matter how much you use it, you will not become addicted to it. You may have feelings of giving up during $ex because things aren’t happening for you as quickly as you would like.

8. Everyone can get an 0rgasm just from vag!nal penetration. Not true. The figure is actually 20-30% of women. Don’t be shy about giving yourself a hand (literally).

9. There is no such thing as a G-Spot. There is actually but it takes a bit of exploring to find out where it is located.


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