Nasty Rashes and Other Signs Of Stress You May Be Ignoring


imagesBy: Krystle Crossman

For some people, it may not be easy to tell when their stress has gone beyond what is tolerable for the body because, let’s face it, you are stressed all the time. There are some warning signs that your body may be giving you however that could tell you just how stressed out you are. Paying attention to these signs and recognizing them as such could help you to relieve the stress down the line. You may have one of these indicators, or you may experience them all at the same time.

1. Stomachaches: When your brain is under stress and intense pressure, it lets your whole body know. Your GI tract is connected to the brain and how feelings of stressed are processed. Doctors can prescribe different digestive medications however the best medicine for too much stress is exercise as well as finding ways to reduce the stress.

2. Hair Loss: After about three to six months from a very traumatic event, you may notice that your hair was missing. If it falls out more than normal in the shower or even just when you are brushing it. The reason for this is the androgen hormones that are playing with your system.

3. Twitching Eyelids: Ever have that annoying little twitch in the bottom of your eyelid that just won’t seem to go away? It will if you stop stressing out. When your eye starts twitching, close both eyes and gentle massage the area that is spasming with a fingertip.

4. Acne: The excess hormones and androgens in your body from stress will also give you terrible skin. You will notice pimples popping up every day. Your doctor may put you on birth control to calm the hormones.

5. Pain in the Back: Your body responds to stress with the fight or flight response. This tenses your muscles and tightens your whole body which can really hurt your back. Movement is what is best for you at this point so get up and stretch or walk around for a few minutes to help ease the pain.

6. Rashes: Ever have an unexplained rash on your body? It could be due to stress as well. When you are stressed your immune system is compromised so you could end up getting more infections than normal.


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