Nasty Things That You Didn’t Know You Were Eating


mushroomsBy Staff Blogger

There are many disgusting things that you consume daily and don’t even know about. These things are so common it is likely that you have ingested some of them recently.¬†There are a couple gross things going on with mushrooms. For starters, the FDA deems it permissible to lets maggots and mites into cans of mushrooms. In a 3.5 ounce can you can find up to 19 maggots and 74 mites.

You may be choosing the salad dressing with less fat and calories, but you are probably not choosing the one with fewer chemicals. Some food corporations put chemicals like titanium dioxide into their processed foods. It can be found in your coffee creamers and canned icing because it makes the products look whiter. You can also find it in paint and sunscreen for the same reason.

You can even find substances used in skin care products in your foods. Lanolin, which is the oily component found in sheep’s wool is the softening agent that is typically used in making chewing gum.

Be sure to buy shrimp that doesn’t come from a shrimp farm or you could end up consuming more than just seafood. Some shrimp that are grown in shrimp farms can become affected by the chemicals that are used to clean the pens. If your shrimp is coming from overseas then it could be coming with mouse and rat hair, antibiotics and even pieces of insects.

That fruit and vanilla favor that you’re enjoying so much in your gum or in your pudding is castoreum, or dried perineal beaver glands.

We often hear that it is best to buy local and are not sure why but it may even be better to grow your own produce in your back yard, after learning about all the things that make their way into commercial food.



  1. Rodent hair, insect parts, dye, pesticides, herbicides and preservatives. Not good for us, but allowed in our food.

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