Natural Remedies Leading Doctors Recommend


acupunctureBy: Krystle Crossman

Every time you go to the doctor it seems like you end up walking out with a medication that you don’t really want to take. Here are some natural treatments that are recommended by doctors.

1. Acupuncture – Sometimes people are scared to try this because it involves needles, but very rarely does it hurt. Even if you are healthy it can promote well-being. It can help issues that range from menstrual cramps to back pain and even migraines.

2. Organic foods or not? – Doctors say no, you do not need to stress over buying organic foods. Buy produce that is in season and grown locally. Since local farms are smaller they use better and use more green practices to grow their crops. Visit a farmer’s market to get great, healthy produce!

3. Thyroid issues – If you have a hard time losing weight but practice healthy eating and exercise, it could be a sluggish thyroid. You may have to take medication for this, but you can also take multivitamins and vitamin D to help get it back on track and to help lose some excess weight.

4. Avoid the Z-Pack – Try a mixture of turmeric, raw honey, olive oil, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon. Measure it out with your eyes to make a teaspoon. It can help sore throats and the turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.

5. Some juice cleanses are not as healthy as they seem – Even though some of them  seem like a healthy idea, you are still not getting all of the nutrients you need and are probably very sluggish and exhausted because of it. When you do this, your body flushes toxins through the liver.

6. Almond milk – Instead of grabbing a sleeping pill, try almond milk to help you fall asleep. It is rich in magnesium which promotes relaxation.

7. Fish oil – Fish oil can help you to lower the amount of cortisol in your body which helps you to reduce your stress levels.



  1. What is a remedy for a bladder and kidney infection? Since there is a debate regarding cranberry juice, what do you suggest?