Natural Ways to Bring “Spice” Back to the Bedroom


eroticBy Staff Blogger

Are you finding that your love life isn’t as steamy as it once used to be? Fear not! Here are ten different aphrodisiacs that can be found at nutrition or grocery stores that can help put a little punch back in the bedroom.

1. Peppermint soap or shampoo – Peppermint enhances your pleasure and can actually help you to have a few more [email protected] during s*x. Don’t get artificially scented ones however because they won’t do anything for you.

2. Zestra – This is a female ar0usal liquid. It is made from different plant-based extracts and doesn’t irritate your other sensitive parts. Some women have complained that the original formula doesn’t smell or taste good.

3. Passion Rx – This is an over the counter supplement that is all natural, but not an immediate fix. It must be taken regularly and over time will help you to rev up your s*x drive.

4. Fertili Tea – This is made up of raspberry leaf, nettle, and chasteberry that can help ramp up women’s libido, fertility, and balance out their hormones.

5. Cinnamon – Over time this spice can help to increase s*x drive and can also help to prevent UTI’s in women. It can help to lower the blood sugar as well.

6. Saw Palmetto – Time for the men’s supplements! This promotes a healthy prostate and helps produce testosterone.

7. Hot Plants – Main ingredients are horny goat weed, tongkat ali, and ginseng. It claims to work within one to two weeks.

8. L-arginine – This is a great supplement for men with hypertension and erect!le dysfunction. This is an amino acid that helps to open blood vessels to the pen!s much like V!agra does.

9. Gingko Biloba – This improves blood flow to the brain and the heart. It also maintains blood flow to the pen!s during erect!on.

10. Pumpkin seeds – Seeds from a pumpkin have a lot of zinc which has been shown to increase fertility and s*x drive.


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