Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure & Avoid Medication


BloodPressureBy Staff Blogger

Monitoring your blood pressure levels is very important. Normal levels are 120/80. Should these numbers climb higher, you should take steps to lower it to decrease your chance of stroke or heart attack. Below are the ways that you can lower your blood pressure without having to pop a pill:

1. Work less – The more you work, the less time you have for proper diet and exercise.

2. Power walk it – Going for a power walk, no matter how short, can help you to reduce stress and blood pressure. Start with 30 minutes per day, three times a week.

3. Slow breathing – Taking slow deep breaths and doing yoga or meditating will keep your blood pressure low by decreasing the stress hormone that releases renin, which is an enzyme from the kidney that raises your pressure.

4. Watch the salt – Monitor your salt intake and keep it at a minimum.

5. Dark chocolate – Eating dark chocolate helps to lower blood pressure by making the blood vessels more elastic.

6. CoQ10 – Taking this supplement can help to greatly reduce your blood pressure when taken regularly.

7. Alcohol – Studies have shown that a quarter to a half a glass of alcohol per day helps to lower pressure.

8. Ease up on the caffeine – If you are a heavy coffee drinker, have decaf. Just 500mg of caffeine can raise your pressure all day.

9. Tea – Drinking tea has been shown to lower blood pressure. Have a few cups during the day to relax!

10. Eat more potassium– Potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, and prunes, to name a few, are great fruits and veggies to eat that have a lot of potassium in them. Potassium is good for your heart and helps to lower blood pressure.

11. Get classical – Listening to classical music can help you to relax and keep the blood pressure low.

12. Stop the snoring – When you snore, a hormone called aldosterone is released which raises blood pressure.

13. Soy – Eating soy instead of some of the carbs because it is not only better for your diet but is great for you pressure.



  1. marcus davis on

    I’ll stick to my meds ,tried going the natural route fat lot of good that did,my blood pressure shot right up and i did’nt even know it ,the doctors reckon i should have been having a heart attack and could’nt figure out why i was still walking about.

  2. \
    I agree with all these things—Believe me they work folks !—drink decaf. tea but not with meals—- eat less heavy foods to feel light—ditch the car and walk more— wear nose staples to bed for snoring –you can also eat potato bread. Salt is in everything-you gotta be mindful…(even with medications)—-stress less! (s a lot less)

  3. these tips are not practical. Natives and Black Americans have terrible blood pressure stats. If u ae diagnoses, get yr meds, make sure your body is compatible with them and take them. Period. U can live for years doing so. Then eat yr potassium rich foods while taking the meds. Cut out soda pop. Too much sodium. Sodium in foods, lunch meats, etc are bad for U.

  4. Its a wonder Black women have high blood pressure with all the B.S.
    we have to put up with raising the family and not getting much help from black men.

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