Naughty Or Nice: How To Feel Really Good Really Fast When Stressed


shy3By Staff Blogger

Life has many ups and downs and sometimes when going through a rough patch, it’s great to take a break and just do something that feels good, even if it’s just for a little while. Of course doing something like eating a bar of chocolate or  ice-cream or your your favorite treat feels good but then you have to deal with the guilt of the indulgence.

Below are three ways that you can feel good really fast without having to deal with the guilt of an indulgence:

1. Go running – Running or any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up is great because it increases feel-good hormones in your body. You will not only feel good, you’ll also look good if you regularly choose to boost your mood this way. You can make your run as short as 15 minutes or a full hour but the important part is to push yourself and get your heart rate up. Once your feel-good hormones get going, you’ll feel better.

2. Ma$turbate  – If you’re not already familiar with the southern region of your body, you’re missing out on some quick and easily accessible stress relief. Feel free to explore with your hands or maybe you can get a little toy to “massage” your stress away!

3. $ex it up! – Grab your man and “get busy”. As long as it is your man that you’re grabbing, feel free to enjoy some naughty or nice loving. It feels good and it is a great stress reliever. Just remember to be responsible when you decide to enjoy this form of stress relief. Being irresponsible can mean an unplanned pregnancy or some major itching “down there”, so be responsible about it!



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