NBC Hires Leslie Jones As Commentator at Olympics After Her Awesome Rio Tweets


By Victor Trammell

Actress and comedian Leslie Jones (pictured) is having a very successful year.

Fresh off the success of Ghostbusters, the 48-year-old star has added another amazing accomplishment to her resume. Everybody has been buzzing on social about this year’s Olympic Games. Jones followed suit, but her special way with words got her an opportunity that many other users of social media normally do not get.

According to Business Insider, NBC, the network broadcasting the 2016 Olympic Games has hired Jones as a commentator to help cover the global sports competition. Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC’s broadcast of the Olympic Games reached out to Jones on Twitter directly with his fantastic offer.

“You’re officially invited to Rio. Want to come?” Bell wrote. Jones replied, “Hmmmm don’t play cause y’all need me. I would have the whole Olympics pumped!!”

Jones officially accepted the offer so be on the lookout for her electric personality to help cover the Olympic Games in Rio. Despite all the ugly racism and personal attacks she’s experienced this year on social media, Jones is continuing to rise.

Ghostbusters has made well over $150 million dollars at the box office and has given Jones some crossover appeal in the world of film. She’s racked up endorsement deals and a ton of other perks as her stock as an entertainer contiues to rise. The opportunities Jones has right now are limitless.

The sexist and racist garbage that has been hurled at Jones has been infuriating to watch. She even said in an interview with a media outlet that the insults have been very hurtful to her. But she possesses the spirit of a true champion.

She is a great inspiration to black women across America who have dealt with the same type of racially-charged gender bashing and bigotry that she has. The message in her amazing story is clear: Don’t ever give up hope or let the evil in this world kill your audacity to dream and achieve.




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