CDC Reports 20 Million New S-xually Transmitted Infections Annually, Half Are 15 to 24 Year Olds


condomsBy Staff Blogger

In a report released by the CDC on Wednesday, June 19th, data indicates that there are 20 million new STIs (s-xually transmitted infections) each year in the US. All of these cases add up to $16 billion in healthcare costs per year. Half of all of these new infections are coming from people ages 15 to 24. The numbers were calculated by looking at the number of cases per STI, not by the person, since one person could have more than one STI per calendar year. The true number could be even higher due to those who have not yet been diagnosed or don’t go to the doctor.

HPV accounts for 14 million of those infections per year. Nationwide there are 110 million STIs, and 79.1 million of those are HPV. About 90% of the HPV cases disappear within two years without causing serious harm, but the other 10% can lead to different cancers. There is a vaccine that is available and is recommended for boys and girls ages 11-12. This may seem like a young age but the logic is that the vaccine is needed before they have the risk of getting the virus, not after they have already become sexually active.

HIV affects roughly 41,000 people per year, but the average cost to treat it per person over a lifetime is $304,000. About 18,000 people die from AIDS per year.

STIs are preventable by practicing safe s*x or abstinence. Most are curable or at the very least treatable. If left untreated though, STIs can become very dangerous to your overall health and can sometimes cause death.

Doctors recommend that individuals talk openly with their partners and get tested to reduce their risk of contracting an STI, and obviously should practice safe s*x.


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