New Device Helps Women With a “pee problem”


By: Isabella Carson

When you give birth naturally there are some complications that can arise afterwards that are quite common. One of the worst is the bladder leakage. The pelvic muscles are stretched out and require work to tighten again so that you do not experience leakage. Kegel exercises are a way to strengthen the muscles again but they can take quite a while to actually have any effect. A company in Ireland called Atlantic Therapeutics has developed a device called The Innovo which can help women get their pelvic muscle strength back within as little as three months.

The Innovo is a device that you wrap around your upper inner thigh. It has electrical impulses that are sent up through the nerves in your legs into your abdomen and pelvic area. These impulses trigger contractions in the muscles, up to 180 per 30 minutes. The contractions help to strengthen the muscles so that women who have incontinence no longer have to worry about sneezing or coughing. Actress Kate Winslet had come forward on a talk show and spoke about how after three sneezes she loses bladder control. She has naturally birthed three children and finds it hard to keep control of her pelvic muscles when it comes to sneezing or coughing. So many women go through this same issue but not many will speak out about it.

After just three months of use the company states that most women will notice a huge difference in the strength of their pelvic muscles and will not have to worry about leakage anymore. Testing on the product showed an 86% success rate. The device retails for roughly $345 dollars. Experts state that you should still use caution and talk with your gynecologist before trying this device as the issue that you may be having could require surgery as opposed to muscle exercises. Sometimes the muscles can be torn during birth and do not repair themselves properly and no amount of strengthening exercises will help to restore control of the pelvic floor.

Many women go through grueling exercises post-birth to try and restore their pelvic muscles. Many times the exercises do not work well. That is why Atlantic Therapeutic has created The Innovo. They want to help women gain their control back in a short amount of time without resorting to exercises that don’t always work.



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