New Miss USA Attacked For Saying She’s Not a “Feminist,” She’s an “Equalist”


By Victor Trammell

The annual Miss America beauty pageant was held on Mother’s Day this year to much fanfare.

Millions of viewers tuned in to see a black woman named Kára McCullough (pictured center) receive the highly-coveted Miss America crown at the internationally known televised competition. McCullough, 25, was already Miss Washington D.C. before she was crowned yesterday evening on the big stage.

However, the brand new Miss America is quite a bit more than a gorgeous face with a body to die for. The South Carolina State University graduate holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in chemistry. She also works as radiochemist at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

There are a number of respectable things that can be said about a young woman who has not only beauty and brains but a strong conviction that binds her to her beliefs.

When that young woman is able to publicly voice those beliefs (even when they are unpopular), much more value can be added to the stock of her character and courage.

McCullough took it upon herself to voice her unpopular opinion shortly after earning her crown as the most beautiful woman in America.

However, black women, in particular, quickly used social media to attack McCullough’s character after she denied feminism and gave her thoughts about what American healthcare is to her.

“As a woman scientist in the government, I’d like to transpose the word feminism to equalism. I try not to consider myself this diehard, like, I don’t really care about men,” McCullough responded when asked if she was a feminist by an interviewer at the pageant.

McCullough also said that healthcare in America isn’t necessarily a human right but a payable privilege afforded to working people. As expected, the internet trolls came screaming.

“What’s wrong with being a feminist Miss DC USA!?!? Who says feminists hate men? Gurl!!! #MissUSA,” tweeted a black woman named Makho Ndlovu.

“So I’m glad the new miss USA is a black girl with natural hair buuuuuuut someone needs to educate her on feminism and healthcare because…,” tweeted another black woman.

Though many black women who adopt feminism claim that the ideology does not preach female superiority over male existence, it is worth noting that women who subscribe to radical factions of this ideology believe just that.

The long-existing fragmented status of the traditional black family has also been blamed on the rise of feminism.




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