New Mother Viola Davis Says She Will Not Traumatize Her Baby Girl With Hair Issues


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We all know Viola Davis is an amazing actress and now she is a mother. She sat down with the editor-in-chief of Essence, Vanessa K. Bush for an interview. She spoke about her most recent projects, beauty, and of course her new little bundle of joy.

Davis is an Oscar nominated actress, but she doesn’t let that stand in the way of her most important role, being a mom. She adopted her daughter who is 2 years old and says that she inherited good and bad traits from her own mother and makes sure that she does not pass the bad on to her daughter so that she can keep as much negativity out of the little girl’s life as possible.

In the interview, she shared how when she was a child she would be called ugly by white children, which was hard on her self-esteem. She came home to a mother that didn’t see her own beauty, so it was hard to get advice or a helping hand. Davis describes motherhood as being a roller coaster of emotions and many joys and heartbreaks every single day.

Davis’s daughter Genesis may only be two years old now, but Davis wants to help her feel as beautiful as she can no matter what others say. She is starting with her hair, teaching her how to take care of it and know how beautiful it is. She says that she wants Genesis to love her hair because it is a focal point for every woman in America and that it can be used as a weapon against someone. She does not want Genesis to go through what she had in her childhood so she is building the foundation of confidence starting with having Genesis love her hair no matter what.



  1. Ms. Davis, I can let you know that it’s usually not the parents lack of self esteem that determines how young girls feel about themselves.It is their friends and other girls.We knock each other, over size, skin color and of course hair. So no matter what you as a parent, have to let her know how children as well as adults will try to judge her for their own insecurities and self hate issues.

  2. Mrs dee schwartz, I agree but at the same time how you are brought up plays an important roll on how u become as an adult. Lil girls idolize moms and want to be just like them. I have been teased before but didn’t bother me because I already knew my worth. From my mother. Confidence from parents in the home front is very important.

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