New “Procedure” Promises Weight-Loss Without Surgery


By Victor Trammell

Many people in America are seeking weight-loss methods that do no require surgery. Surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass have gotten results for some people, but there are health risks associated with it.

Obesity is a major problem in the youth and adult populations of America. More people are gravitationg toward all of the latest weight-loss procedures becoming available to help them shed unwanted pounds. One of these new weight-loss procedures is called baetriactic arteriale embolization (BAE).

Interventional radiologists have developed this new minimally invasive procedure to serve as a less risky alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Here’s how BAE works. A catheter is inserted through the wrist or groin in order to access blood vessels strategically located in the user’s stomach.

Once the user focuses on their target, microscopic beads are injected, which cut off blood flow to an area of the body where ghlerin is produced. Ghlerin is known as the body’s “hunger hormone.” Cheryl Denby (pictured) is a satisfied user of the BAE weight-loss procedure.

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Denby spoke candidly about her experience using the BAE procedure. She shared her uncomfortable life situations with being a 48-year-old black woman suffering from obesity.

I was in pain most days, my back, my knees, and it was hard to do daily things like laundry, grocery store, just getting up to get dressed,” Denby told NBC. “I used to joke with my friend I just want to be able to tie my shoes without cutting off my air supply. That was a big deal, so I was unhappy,” she continued.

Denby is also a participant in a study, which is being conducted to monitor the hopeful future success of BAE. The post-procedure activities associated with BAE include nutritional management and lifestyle change adaptability.

“They take a whole multi-faceted approach and they don’t just put me out there,” Denby also told NBC. “They let me know that this still takes work,” she went on to say.

Denby acknowledged that she has quite a few more adjustments to make in her future path toward shedding off more pounds. She also said:

“I was so ready to give up and now I feel so hopeful. I can beat this. Have fun without feeling that weight that this is literally emotionally and physically that I felt was holding me back.” (








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