New Report Reveals Findings About Domestic Violence That Will Shock You


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Domestic violence is a scary thing. Sadly, it goes unreported sometimes because those who suffer love the people who are assaulting them and believe that they can change. The World Health Organization has released some disturbing statistics recently about domestic violence against women. According to their data 35% of women are affected globally by s*xual or physical violence in the home. 30% of women suffer abuse at the hands of their own partner whom they love.

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson had photos posted last month of her being allegedly choked by her husband, Charles Saatchi. He claimed that it was just a playful fight after he was given a warning about the assault. Lawson never pressed charges in the incident but was seen moving out of their home the next week.

Not only does domestic violence impair a woman’s physical appearance, it impairs her health as well. Women who are beaten by their partners are twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol and twice as likely to have issues with depression. They are twice as likely to have an abortion due to s*xual abuse and one and a half times more likely to get an STD. New guidelines are being put in place to help medical professionals spot abuse injuries as many women will come in saying they ran into a door or some other accident instead of coming out and saying that they have been assaulted.

If you feel threatened or unsafe in your home follow these tips:

1. Talk to someone who can be an advocate for you. Even if you aren’t really sure if you are in immediate danger or not, speak with someone at the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-799-7233).

2. Find a friend or family member that you can trust and tell them what is going on. You need someone that you can go to in the case of an emergency. It is best to have someone whom your partner doesn’t know or doesn’t know the address of in case you need to hide.

3. Document all of your injuries. They can be physical, emotional, or mental. If you see a doctor, ask if they can take photos of the injuries to go along with a clear statement of who caused them.

4. Trust your instincts and know the signs. Abuse can come in many forms and if you feel that you are being abused in any way, take action.



  1. Domestic violence is not just physical it’s mentally verbally….emotionally…domestic violence comes in different forms….I know a few places you can call to seek safety…or to speak with just face book me if needed cause the traditional safe houses might not meet every different person needs…it really is a difference in each place you seek shelter .

  2. I hope more women will choose to leave their things and get themselves out of harms way, but I know for a fact that most women in these circumstances have become accustomed to a certain way of life that they enjoy more than their safety, the ego is a strange thing, when it comes to counting losses and walking away.

  3. It’s not the ego, it’s the fact that leaving a relationship where domestic violence us present is the most dangerous time for a woman. Only the abuser knows how far they will go and many carry out their threats.

  4. Quiet as it is kept all this stuff comes from European Slavery and we have adopted this noncense. If you ever heard of the rule of thumb, it came from England where it was the law that an English so called man could beat his wife as long as the stick was no bigger than his thumb.You check out that rubbish.It would be nice if women beat up their husbands for a change although that no one should beat each other.If you are a woman and your husband put his nasty hands on you I could tell you what to do.

  5. Please they don’t help you they don’t help you get out of the situation your in and put you out so you return in the Same mess you got out of department of social service don’t give you the help you need to relocate and these places called safe haven, my sister’s place all these places are full of shit so you are abused by the system to stop advertising that you are there to help

  6. amazing grace on

    If you fear for your life as well as you children’s life, start developing a plan of action that can get you as far away from that monster as possible! If the beatings are getting worse, take pictures of those bruise’ and document each encounter. But what ever you do, get away because he will kill you, these monsters always do!!! Don’t accept his apologies, don’t. Just run for your LIFE.

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