New Research Says Those Who Have $ex 4 Times a Week Or More Make More Money


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you think about ways to make more money in your career, what do you think about? A promotion? A raise? Getting a job in a different department? One thing that you would probably leave out of your list is having s*x. No, we don’t mean s*x with coworkers or a boss. S*x with your partner. A new study shows that those who have s*x at least four times per week earn more on average than their less active coworkers.

Nick Drydakis wrote a discussion paper on this theory and used research from 7,500 different Greek households which took place over a year. The survey that was given to the households asked how many times per week they had s*x, if they were employed, how much money they made, and how many hours per week they worked.

It is important to mention that Drydakis is not indicating that the results mean that the more you have s*x, the more money you make. Instead, it shows that there is a definite correlation between how much s*x you engage in with your partner per week and the average amount of money that you make. The reasoning for this is that people who have s*x more often are for the most part happier with life and have higher self-esteem than those who are not as s*xually active. They have better reasoning abilities and are also less likely to be depressed. Many times it has been found that workers who have illnesses or health issues tend to make less money because of discrimination or reduced quality and productivity.

Drydakis said that the results indicated that it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, just having s*x is enough, so, ladies, grab your man and you can start working towards higher earnings today!



  1. This us THEE dumbest shit I ever heard. Who is it creating these myths? I wanna
    Beat the shit outta whoever created this atrocious post!

  2. Hun…well I just broke up with my old man and now I am sexless and for some strange reason I have been working on my projects,elevating my life’s game and my income has severely increased because I am spending less time with him.

    • THere you go now that makes better sense. I’m at my best when I’m single because I have more time and can focus on myself which I end up looking better and can better focus and my work.

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