New Research Suggests 3 Cans of Soda a Day Can Be Deadly


download (8)By: Krystle Crossman

There have been warnings all over the news about how the aspartame found in diet sodas can be deadly, but now there is new research that suggests that three cans of regular soda per day can be deadly as well. A study that was performed on mice at the University of Utah shows exactly what the effects of the added sugar intake are.

The addition of 25% more sugar in the diet of the mice in the study significantly reduced their reproduction and lifespan. This addition of sugar was equal to a healthy human diet plus three cans of soda per day. This caused the female mice to die at twice the normal rate of the males and they were also 25% less likely to grab their own territory and reproduce. The added sugar also reduced the fitness level in male mice.

The scientists performing the study used a test called Organismal Performance Assay (OSA). The senior author of the study was Wayne Potts. He stated that after this study he has reduced his and his family’s refined sugar intake and suggests others do the same. Potts told of how during the study they put mice in groups into pens that they called “mice barns”. These barns had multiple nests in them. It was setup more like a normal mouse cage so that the mice could behave normally. It made it easier for the researchers to study the effects of the sugar.

Researchers recommend that when you eat foods and consume drinks, 25% or less of these should be refined sugars. They advise that you do not count the natural sugars that are found in raw foods such as fruits.


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  1. Quit drink the poison!! The FDA is bought off and u must be vigilant about ur health.!! Break the chains of mental mal-adapted learning from these crackers and eat to live, do not live to eat!! Hotep

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