New Series Celebrates The “essence of black girl culture”


By Victor Trammell

A brand new web series, which profiles a new hashtag movement centered around the beauty and grace of black women and girls is on its way to cyber space.

According to The Huffington Post, Dr. Yaba Blay (pictured) is set to debut her next web series, which is based on her latest hashtag movement called #ProfessionalBlackGirl. In addition to being a film producer, Dr. Blay works as a professor. She has also published books about relevant social topics concerning black culture.

Dr. Blay’s upcoming web series will feature the interviews of 15 black females aged two to 52. These women and girls share their life experiences about what professionalism means to them. “[I wanted to celebrate] the idea of black women and girls who show up in the world black,” Dr. Blay told The Huffington Post about her new series.

Dr. Blay was inspired to make #ProfessionalBlackGirl when she was looking at the various “Throwback Thursday” images black women were posting on social media. She felt like it was beautiful to see how the style of black women has evolved over time.

“I wanted to do something that would help us to feel joy and feel pride in what we do and who we are. I think of #ProfessionalBlackGirl in the context of #BlackGirlMagic,” Dr. Blay said in her interview The Huffington Post. Dr. Blay is also the creator of the #PrettyPeriod hashtag movement.

She wants this latest web series to make black women and girls of all walks of life relevant by showing how they should be embraced daily.

“I think in terms of our everyday practice of #BlackGirlMagic on social media, a lot of us only use that hashtag or that sentiment when we’re shouting out excellence, like at the Olympics. All of that is fine and there’s celebration in that, but I really wanted to celebrate ourselves every day,” Dr. Blay added.

Dr. Blay’s #ProfessionalBlackGirl web series will debut on September 9th.






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