Can This New Spray Help Your Man Prevent Premature [email protected]?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is a problem that affects many men in the US. And now there is a spray that may be able to help them out. Promescent advertises to men that it can stop premature [email protected] There are many women out there who are extremely unsatisfied and will be excited to hear about this new spray.

Many men have an actual medical condition that causes them to let go early, but most have this problem as a result of their environment or upbringing. When you become a parent there is so little time for a long session of love making that you get used to having to get things done quickly. Unfortunately once his body is used to this, it carries over into times when you actually have enough time to go slowly.

Alfred Kinsey has done studies on PE and has found out a few interesting fact. He found that roughly 75% of men [email protected] within 2 minutes of [email protected] He also found that Latino men and South Asian Indian men suffer from PE more than men in other countries. He speculates that the reason for this is because they often grow up in houses with large families, so private time is often very limited.

Most of the medications that are out on the market right now to help with PE have to be taken orally and block the receptors in the brain that signal [email protected] There are creams that are available too, but what they do is desensitize the pen!s, and when it comes to s*x, that is just no fun for the man.

A urologist named Ron Gilbert created Promescent. It is a white spray that rubs right in. Men usually need between three to ten sprays. It is best to use it ten to twenty minutes before having s*x. If you are expecting [email protected] s*x however, it should be sprayed on after as it can cause numbness in the mouth of the person performing [email protected] There is no sensation when the spray is put on and it is completely safe to use for both partners. It does not protect against STDs or pregnancy.



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