New Study Reshapes Conversations About Rebound $ex and Relationships


By: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever gotten into a relationship right after ending another one and people don’t believe that it will last? They say it is just a rebound relationship and that it won’t amount to anything. Sometimes they are right. There is a study that has come from the University of Illinois and Queens College that may show that a rebound relationship could be just the thing that you need after a break up.

Two studies were performed. One had 236 people and the other had 77. They were asked how they felt about their ex after a recent breakup and whether they were in a relationship currently. Some interesting results came out of these two studies after the researchers went through and analyzed the data that they had gotten.

The people who jumped right into a relationship shortly after a breakup were more likely to have higher self-esteem, higher confidence in their dating appeal, and had a better sense of well-being overall. The less time that they spent single between relationships, the better off they were. They also found that those who were in a current relationship thought more fondly of their ex than those who were single however they would also have a tendency to compare their new partner to their old one which can be a very damaging thing in a relationship.

While the results of this study do not show a direct correlation between rebound relationships and happiness, it does go to show that not all rebounds are a bad thing. People who are already feeling happy after their breakup are more likely to bounce back and flourish in a new relationship.



  1. Most rebound relationships don’t last. It is a very, very bad idea to jump into a relationship right after jumping out of one. It gives the individual no time to learn what went “wrong”, or how to avoid those mistakes in future relationships.

  2. Wow, so after a long term relationship a rebound relationship is a good thing? I took the time to heal after being married for 18 years. I wanted to feel whole again add to check my baggage before jumping into another relationship. My ex started seeing his old girlfriend while we were going through our divorce and still living together. They got engaged a year after our divorce, today they are no longer together because she was ready for marriage and he wasn’t. Rebound relationships work for those with the right intentions, not off those trying to seek revenge on their ex.

  3. Amen to that Cindie. If you don’t take time and assess what went wrong in the previous relationship, chances are the same baggage will carry over to the next one. No rebounds on this end. Not to sound negative or anything, but, relationships have never worked for me.

  4. I have to say I agree with the study. Maybe rebound relationships may not always work out but I think it will give a person a better chance at not feeling so bad after the break up and a better chance at moving on to a hopefully better relationship later.
    I do however think it’s a person by person situation though because like the previous commenter’s said, you do have to find time to analyze and grow from the previous relationship and some people may not be able to analyze things while involved.

  5. I definitely can take a part of each comment so far and identify. I was a bit shocked at the results of the two studies given my experiences. I think depending on how the relationships end may measure how wounded a person is from it and need healing. Ending a relationship especially if it was long term it’s a loss and grief process. Not only figuring out what went wrong but allowing yourself to go through the grief process to reach acceptance is key.

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