New Study Says Kissing May Help you Find a Man and Keep Your Man


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Whether you realize it or not, kissing is one of the most important parts of a relationship. It can be the doorway to finding out if you have chemistry with someone. A study was recently done at Oxford University and it suggests from the results that kissing is the way to size up a potential mate and could also be a way to get them to stick around once you are in a relationship.

A questionnaire was put up online. Over 900 adults answered questions on the survey about kissing and how it has an impact on relationships. The main goal of the survey was to see which of the following three theories held up:

– Kissing can help to assess the quality of a potential partner
– Kissing is used to increase arousal
– Kissing is useful at maintaining a relationship and keeping it together

When looking at the results of the questionnaire, they found that women rated kissing as a more important aspect of a relationship than men did. They also found that men and women that said they were attractive or ones who tended to have more casual encounters and short-term relationships also said that kissing is more important in a relationship than other aspects.

The responses from those who have more casual encounters and date more people shows that kissing could be a very integral part of choosing a solid relationship with someone. Those who had these short relationships valued kissing. Previous studies have also shown that kissing helps you to assess a person’s overall genetic health and sometimes psychological issues as well; just by the way they kiss. You can tell if they are concerned about hygiene or not by the way their breath tastes. You can tell if they are confident or hesitant with the intensity of the kiss.


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