New Study Says [email protected] Birth is Safe For Women Having Twins


twinsBy: Krystle Crossman

A new study has been conducted that shows that if you are pregnant with twins, you may not need to have a C-section in order to have a healthy delivery. 2,804 women and their twins were studied and the results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It showed that the mothers and babies did well whether they had a C-section or normal [email protected] delivery.

Sometimes mothers with twins plan on a [email protected] delivery but last minute need to be switched to surgery because of complications. In fact, 44% of the women who went in expecting to have a [email protected] delivery ended up having C-sections instead. On the other side, 91% who went in to have a C-section had one. The other 9% went into labor and had the babies before there was time to get them into the OR.

Even though there are different rates of surgical vs. natural births, the amount of birth defects, injuries, or deaths was about the same. The study found that 2% of babies and 7-8% of mothers either died or had serious complications during the birth. Jon Barrett is a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine and he says that there is no reason that [email protected] births should be seen as any more dangerous than a C-section.

Usually C-sections are deemed as safer because the second twin is usually breech which makes it harder to deliver. Mothers who had the first-born twin already low in the pelvis and breech were not included in this study. This is a complication that makes [email protected] delivery riskier.

Michael Greene of Massachusetts General Hospital says that the skills needed to handle a breech delivery are quickly disappearing and he doesn’t see the number of C-sections going down anytime soon.


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  1. Lets not say that every woman giving birth to twins need to have them vaginal. I gave birth to twins and the beginning of the seventh month my girls were born. I had no more room to carry them.

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