New Study Shows That the Use of This Popular Medium Can Reduce a Woman’s Stress Levels


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Long workdays, raising kids, and housework can take it’s toll on a woman quickly. Stress is something that we all know about and have all felt at least once a week if not more. There are many different things that women do to help relieve the stress. They will take yoga classes, take a bath, read a book, or meditate. A new study from Rutgers University in New Jersey shows that one of the best ways to feel less stress is to hop on social media and connect with your friends.

The researchers had a group of women take a test that measured their stress levels. It also got insight into their daily lives and what they did during their free time. What they found was that the women who spent more time on social media sites such as Facebook or sending emails to people were 21% less stressed than those who did not connect as often. This comes as a surprise after many of the recent studies of social media have claimed that sites such as Facebook have negative effects on women psychologically. Those studies claimed that Facebook can turn women into narcissists because of the amount of selfies that they take and post. They stated that it can also lead to self-centered behavior as it becomes a place to brag about everything that you have done that you feel a sense of achievement for.

One of the authors of this study from Rutgers, Keith Hampton, says that there has been no scientific data to support any of those claims. He said that most of those studies simply asked people if they feel stressed when they are using social media sites instead of gaining insight into their daily lives and collecting data that they can compare to the stress levels that people are feeling. There were 1,800 people involved in this most recent study. They all took a test call the PSS test which stands for Perceived Stress Scale. It measures how the people that are taking the test perceive the stress in their lives and asks them general questions about the stress that they may feel. The participants then took a survey on how much they used email and social media. Hampton stated that the results did not show a link between using social media and stress but did show that women who didn’t use it had a higher score on the PSS test.

Even though social media may not directly cause stress in someone’s life it can make them more aware of stressors. For example if there is a family member across the country that they keep in touch with on social media they may from time to time be exposed to a crisis that is going on with that person which can induce a small amount of stress for that particular incident. However other than situations such as this there is no scientific proof that the stress that we feel in our daily lives is directly caused by social media sites.


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