New Study Shows That This Surgery Is Being Performed Far More Than It Should Be


200401829-001By: Krystle Crossman

A hysterectomy is performed for a variety of reasons. The woman may have cancer, fibroids, cysts, or problems with menstruation. Data shows that 1 in 3 women will have their uterus removed before they turn 60. After several studies the data also shows that many women do not need the hysterectomy that they have had. It is the second most common surgery in reproductive-aged women and yet there are so many that are performed that do not need to be.

Wayne State University and the University of Michigan conducted a study on over 3,400 women who had hysterectomies. They found that 1 in 5 of these women had surgery for conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids. These are benign conditions that usually do not require a hysterectomy for treatment. They also found that 2 out of 5 women who had hysterectomies before they turned 40 were unnecessary. Dr. Daniel Morgan, one of the authors of the study, said that this data calls into question whether surgeons are cutting when they do not need to be. The hysterectomy is a major surgery and brings about a lot of change in a woman’s life. She will be unable to conceive after the uterus is taken out. She will no longer menstruate which can mess with her hormones and cause her to have to use hormone therapy. It is a surgery that should not be performed unless it is absolutely necessary and in many cases it is done anyway.

The researchers on these studies found that there are other alternatives to the surgery with certain conditions. For example the abnormal bleeding that a woman may be experiencing can get an IUD which controls her hormones and often times helps with this. The data from the study showed that only 12% of the women in the study considered doing this before the surgery and only 1/3 of those women had gone ahead with it. Over 40% of the women in the study had no alternative treatments before undergoing the knife. Many of these women may have had the option for alternative treatments and refused them which would not show in their medical records, but the fact still remains that more women are having this surgery than they should.



  1. I remember reading a article in the Denver Post back in the 90s and it said that Drs. look forward to giving black women in their early reproductive years a complete hysterectomy. In other words, legally obtained mass sterilization.

    If one quack tells me I need one I will come back and ask, how much do you owe in student loans or are you having problems with paying your medical malpractice insurance premiums.

  2. I am having abdominal myomectomy.. I have fibroids and want them removed but keeping my uterus.. I had dr tell me since you have a kid you should get a hysterctomy.. cause the chances are they will grow back bigger.. I said Im willing to take that chance.. not giving up my reproductive right that easy!!!

  3. I was 1 in 5 of these women had surgery for conditions such as endometriosis and I was also 2 out of 5 women who had hysterectomy before turning 40. I agree now it was unnecessary and yes it ruined my life. My hormones is so messed up, I don’t even want to have sex any more and it played a part in ending my 7 yr relationship. I wish I could reverse it. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do.

  4. Fibroid tumors, Leiomyomas, are benign tumors that grow within the uterus, esophagus, and the small intestine. They are usually benign (non-cancerous). For decades Uterine Fibroids have been treated with surgery, including a full hysterectomy. African American women are the targets for this drastic surgery when alternatives are available. They are not informed by their doctors about alternatives, mainly due to lack of knowledge, and advised to have the surgery. Nutrition plays a huge role in lowering the advancement/enlargement of these tumors. With reduction of sugar..fatty/greasy food..eliminating artificial sweeteners, diet food, while incorporating fresh organic veggies/whole grains,minimal fresh fruits, pure water, fibroids can be practically eliminated.
    The problem lies within feeding the condition to the point of where the patient can’t take the pain/bleeding discomfort and tells the surgeon to remove them! There are herbal formulas that can drastically reduce tumors, and with,,healthy lifestyle surgery is in the rearview mirror!

  5. Well, I’m one of the women who is grateful for the procedure. I don’t have children, yes I wanted them but motherhood wasn’t my destiny. I had horrible problems with fibroids. I was offered all kinds of alternatives, UAE, Depo shot. Nothing helped, I was so anemic. Finally, I bleed for 6 months straight everyday. I know there is some problems with the quick suggestion of hysterectomy, I delayed it as long as I could. But I’m so thankful today. It has been a liberating experience. Yes, I suffer with hot flashes and I’m on the patch. But, I’ll take this over what I was going through any day. I thank the physician that discovered this life changing procedure. I had mine done at 50. I’m 57 and I’m having the best sex ever. Grateful for my hysterectomy!!!!

  6. I am glad that I read this article. Knowledge is power. I suspect that my doctor wants to wait until a certain medical condition gets out of control and then operate versus offering alternative therapy. I dare the doctor to recommend such a treatment, I will be more than happy to questions there motives. As an earlier commented mentioned regarding student loans and malpractice insurance, it is not my fault that they are over extended. I noticed that alot of doctors are eager to operate. I am no ones science experience or piggy bank.

  7. It’s been many years since I was given a hysterectomy, and no matter how many times studies come out to say hysterectomy is being done too often, it doesn’t change how doctor’s market or practice. It doesn’t matter what kind of comeback you have when a doctor suggests a hysterectomy, if you agree to any treatment or agree to any surgery, you may in the end still end up on the path to a hysterectomy. I signed a myomectomy consent form and was still given a hysterectomy. My life has been ruined, and there is nothing anyone can do to alter what’s been done. This is not simply about knowing what you want, finding the right doctor, trusting your doctor, thinking positive, or listening to other women who claim to be fine after a hysterectomy. This surgery ends your reproductive life (not the same as sterilization); removes uterine/ovarian functions (not the same as menopause); permanently alters physical, biochemical, and structural aspects of being a whole woman in all it’s magical and changing glory.

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