New Study: Women Don’t Want to be Friends with Promiscuous Women


kerry_washingtonBy Staff Blogger

Some women choose to be friends only with men while some choose to have mostly female friends and yet others like a nice even mix between the two genders. A new study however shows that women who are more promiscuous or have a more active s*x life tend to have less women knocking down their door to be friends.

Cornell University conducted a study that revealed that women judge their peers according to their s*x lives and if they feel they are too “active”, they are less likely to be friends with that person. A research team that was led by graduate student Zhana Vrangalova surveyed 751 college students about their past experiences and their feelings towards s*x and relationships. They then had to read a short story that was either about a person with only 2 s*xual partners, or about one with 20 partners. They were then asked questions about the competence, morality, and likeability of those people, also referred to as the friendship attributes.

Regardless of their own history, the female participants marked the woman with 20 partners negatively on nine of the ten different attributes mentioned above. This pattern was not seen however in the male participants. The study and the results bring up an interesting point about how we choose our friends and what we are judging them on right out of the gate before we get a chance to really know them.

A study that was conducted in 2005 showed that men and women were judged harshly for their promiscuous ways, but it seemed that women were judged more harshly than the men were. Research from 2009 found that this was true for teenagers as well.


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