New Trend: Would You Pay For Your Own Engagement Ring?


engagement-ringBy: Krystle Crossman

When you get engaged, what do you imagine the day to be like? Is it at some big romantic restaurant, a small intimate park, or in the comfort of your own home? Do you have family and friends there, is it in front of a bunch of strangers, or is it just the two of you? What about the ring? Do you envision this large, gleaming diamond that he surprises you with, shining and glittering as he opens the box? Now that you have all of this thought out, do you imagine that you are helping to pay for that shiny new ring?

There are a lot of things that women will do to get an engagement ring. Recently there was a story of a New York Times writer who is making her boyfriend 300 sandwiches after he said that he would ask her to marry him if she did that since he always did all of the cooking. It was a light hearted joke between the two of them, but she is still making those sandwiches. If you have a partner who doesn’t have a lot of money for an outstanding engagement ring, will you help to pay for it? This is a growing trend with women who want that large glittering ring, but know that their husbands-to-be cannot quite afford to throw down a lot of cash.

Some women will pay for half of the ring, some will open a joint account to help pay, and some will even offer to pay for some of the ring if the fiancé will agree to exchanging for a bigger rock. The Today Show ran a poll and 54% of the respondents said that they would not pay for their own engagement ring. It only seems fair at this point for women to chip in at least a little as we are seeing more and more women becoming the breadwinners of the family as opposed to the men.




    • Jim, men have been falling for this con game since forever started. Most of these marriages nowadays are a joke so why should a man acquire unnecessary debt for an extravagant wedding ring when statistics show most of these marriage don’t last. Men, if her love for you is based on the size of the ring, do yourself a favor…run

      • Thank’s Bigwill!They are not worth you going into debt because they will be apart of it !They don’t care about you or themselves so why should we even waste our time.

  2. I am currently engaged and I would not buy or contribute to the purchase of my own engagement ring. I may not have the biggest diamond and it’s far from the smallest but the 2,000 grand that was spent on my ring is enough for me and I’m grateful for it. I wear it daily and am proud of it.

  3. My dude and I have been discussing marriage, and we’ve discussed the cost, including engagement rings, told him don’t go out and blow a whole bunch of money on a piece of rock, just get me a nice reasonably priced ring and call it a day. The wedding will be small and modest, the reception will be ala Carrie Bradshaw, breakfast or lunch for the fam @ our favorite place to eat, then off on our honeymoon for a week. We have better things to do with our money. Stacking more paper to buy a home to raise our future kid, college for the kid, our retirement, a nice vacation once a year…and a stash so I don’t have to run bak to work as soon as I give birth, would like to have a couple years to bond with my kid instead of the kid bonding with a babysitter or daycare provider.

  4. A lot of women say it is the thought that counts not material possessions right? Well, if she doesn’t want to come off any of her money for an expensive “rock” then I have two words for you fellas. Cubic Zirconium.

  5. Women have been buying their own rings for years but they lie and say the man brought it. When you see women with big diamonds they more than likely brought it or paid half of the money for it. Some women like to bragg and show off so you have to pay yourself to do that.

  6. I am married already and my husband bought me a beautiful engagement and wedding ring ! However he allowed me to pick it out! The ring is overboard but just let me say it isn’t my first choice! I found a beautiful ring set and it was actually priced unbelievably reasonable! I loved it! I brought my future husband to see it he hated it! He sd he didn’t care how cheP it was his wife isn’t wearing anything that ugly lol! My husband also believes what you get is it! No upgrades it’s sentimental and the rings were blessd drying the ceremony! I didn’t contribute to the cost of the rings However if wears building a life i thought monies were a collective so it wouldn’t matter … It’s monies from the household!

  7. Black women black men would go into debt and buy a White man his ultimate desire a ring before he would buy you one. That’s what he really wants the White mans love and to be his wifey. Its not happening and that’s why black men are so angry and blame their women for their miserable lives.

  8. I purchased my own diamond many years ago as an investment. Today, he is taking it to be mounted in a setting of his choice. We are first and foremost about making sound and wise decisions.

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