Niecy Nash Says You Can Make Marriage Work With Just One “BJ” a Day


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Niecy Nash has been happily married since 2011 to Jay Tucker, an electrical engineer. She says that there is one very simple way to keep divorce at bay that all women can do. It is all about intimacy and Nash says that her philosophy is “one BJ a day keeps the divorce lawyer at bay”. She recently did an interview with Playboy Magazine and spoke about how she feels that intimacy is a huge factor in whether a marriage stays together or not.

Nash wrote a book called It’s Hard to Fight [email protected] where she explains that a fully intimate marriage and being a good cook is all you need to keep your marriage a happy one. She says that men are very simple to please if you stop and think about it. She feels that the theory “full stomach, empty pen!s” is the key to keeping your man happy. Nash says that women by nature are willing to take care of others before they let someone take care of them and so they are more willing to give out [email protected] without having to get it back. They want to take care of their man and make them happy because Nash says it’s in their DNA. However Nash feels that women should be asking their man for what they want as well because men may not think about it.

Nash says that she finds it interesting that women easily have conversations about raising children, getting married, and everyday life events but seem to have trouble asking questions about intimacy. They don’t ask their partners what they like and don’t like or what they want in bed. She feels that this could be the kiss of death for a marriage because the longer a woman goes without her needs being met she could slowly begin to resent it. Over time this could lead to resent towards her husband. Communication is key to make sure that both parties are getting what they need in a relationship and making each other happy. Nash feels that this is why her marriage with Tucker is such a happy one.



  1. First of all this is total garbage! I am a man and I can promise you that a damn blow job a day is not going to stop any man from doing whatever the hell is in his heart to do. The truth of the matter is that infidelity is not about sex. Its an act of the heart. If that is in his or her heart no matter how well you suck a dick or sex a person down they will cheat. I never thought Ms. Nash was very bright, but this confirms my suspicions about her. How does she explain the millions of women that have been sucking their man’s dick from the bible days to now and still suffered with infidelity? If Ms. Nash feels that her sex life with her current husband is the the glue that holds their marriage together, what will be the glue when he can’t get it up no more? Just stupid!

  2. Yeah – until your mouth gets sores and cancers, or starts feeling like the “same old mouth” and he wants to find out if someone else’s mouth, either a man’s or a woman’s, “feels” any different.

    That stuff gets old, boring and tired, too…and it’s bullshit because something like that will never keep a marriage alive or guarantee it will stay together.

    If sex don’t cut it for most couples, BJs won’t either.

    She’s deluded, but everybody cut and paste this and keep it in the files for when those “divorce rumors that come true” start flying through the air.

    They usually do…

  3. Lmaoll. “The same old mouth” that was funny @Reneegade. Niecey got herself a fine looking man and got married, suddenly she’s a marriage expert. She was the same one who wrote a book on how to get and keep a man and Sherri Shepherd was the perfectly example of her matchmaking, now she doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk away from the situation saying Sherri would have picked up any man since she was desperate. She better stop with that foolishness and use her mouth to communicate and get to know her husband’s mind.

    • Ercaf, you down made me almost burst my stomach laughing. Totally forgot she was the one to hook up her good ” friend” Sherrie Sheppard. Now, Miss Mothy Nash want to hook up the rest of us to her ideas of what works.
      How about being loving, kind, and having a good character with something to bring to the table and only accepting the same from a life partner and not be into performing for a crowd as if having a man at your side is a must to be happy in life.
      If a blow job is a requirement for marriage, then I’m good without being married!

  4. There is no silver bullet for a perfect marriage. Marriage requires a holistic approach. That can only be determine by communication between those individuals involved.

    Mrs. Nash has said; not only does she know how to please her husband in bed, but she knows how to roll up the dough and make the dough. I applaud her for the fact that she knows how to cook. As a married women my cooking skills has kept a healthy happy husband and family.

    Women should cook period!!!

    I am old fashioned as to how I please my husband in the
    bedroom. Let’s just say, “if it’s not tight, than it aint right.” “Loose lips sinks ships.”


  5. This is foolish talk. She need to keep her private business to herself! What decent woman goes around telling people she suck _ _ _ _ everyday?! What foolishness! She was married before, wonder why sucking didn’t keep that relationship together! Ladies, find out what your own man wants and don’t listen to these type advice. If your man is a cheater, you’d best not suck his _ _ _ _ or no telling what disease you’ll get at the mouth! Think I’ll remain single!

  6. All men don’t want a blowjob everyday and to be drain. Sex is apart of marriage, but its not the only thing. Good communications, understanding each other and when the moment is right. I don’t want just a sex slave to be married to, a whore can do this. Marriages could last many years until 70 or 80 years old. I don’t want the same thing as a 20 year old, when I turn 80 years of age. Older people may enjoy there Grandchildren, and teaching the things of life to lookout for on this earth. Don’t be someone who humps all the time and have no vision beyond sex. After fifty years of humping, don’t you think this is enough.

  7. This woman got married three years ago and she is an expert on marriage??? I’m 55 now so I do have a few years on Ms. Nash. My husband died 2 years ago after 32 years of a happy marriage. I never had to wonder where he was or what he was doing. We worked and had children and traveled and had a good life for more than 32 years. All without “BJ’s”. Not everyone needs to give advice on marriage.

  8. While BJ’S may be part of your sexual experiences,those will not keep your marriage from going under.Marriages are hard work and both persons must understand that without work,your marriage will not succeed.Both parties must realize the give and take in successful unions.Timing is very important when broaching certain subjects.Many people do not have the understanding of a good marriage for the most part but trust me,it takes love and understanding of your spouse.

  9. I have been married going on 42 years, and yes my husband enjoyed bjs, but that isnt what kept us together. Communication, honesty,and loyalty is what kept us together, and being a good cook helped a little to. LoL

  10. Niece can keep her bedroom tricks to herself. I’m willing to bet, when she meets people, the first thing they look at are her lips.

  11. Niecy is making a darn good point! This works for me too. But there has to be integrity in the relationship. The meaning of it all becomes compromised where there are lies and double dealings.

  12. As raw as it sounds, She is telling the truth. A man only needs three things from a woman to keep him coming home. 1. Peace of Mind. 2. Piece of Food. 3. Piece of Tail. Women in the 1950’s & 1960’s understood this, they knew they had competition in keeping their husbands every time they went to work.
    Women these days just don’t get it, or even care. Women of color especially don’t get it, now days they have competition from women of different cultures that are taking the cream of the crop and leaving the pimps, player, and thugs for you to procreate with. These guys don’t know what a job or responsibilities are. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. It won’t be long before the scriptures become true where it states that “n that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

  13. That’s just disgusting a BJ will not keep a marriage neither will other. Partnership will keep a marriage along with communication, love, understanding, loyalty, trust and most of all quality time together and God! If some of this is missing then a marriage can easily fall apart.

  14. A marriage can not be held together by a BJ. This will not keep a marriage neither will the oral sex. Communication, understanding, loyalty, trust, doing things together emotionally, financially and most of all God.

  15. Communicated, trustworthy, understanding, nurturing, hardworking and being loving and grateful. I was so shocked to see that someone I thought was a sensible human being giving useless and bs advice is very disturbing. A BJ could be a nightmare for your dentist.

  16. Seems like Ms. Nash is just restating an observation made numerous times by the great Chris Rock: Feed me, f**k me, shut the f**k up.

  17. blackallaround365 on

    All things said are we being to judgmental of Niecy Nash? She makes living as comedian. We can all agree that Playboy is by al standards is aadult magazine. I am a modern woman. What she is saying. She knows how to hold her man down. The competition, dictates what ever man,and woman has to do in today’s sexual climate to hold their relationship down in the bedroom. These are Niecy’s strategies,for keeping her marriage strong, and the intimacy alive in their relationship, this one woman’s perspective. Does anyone know if Mr. Tucker contributed to the conversation? It would have been in much better taste if he had…more reason to speak out as they are from Niecy Nash’s account a successfully married couple.

    Marriage is a give and take relationship. The more you are prepared in all aspects of this formal institution the better our marriage will be. A BJ a day…thats for the beholder to decide. She does not mean literally every ****** day of their lives. Mr. Tucker, aint hardly complaining either he’s on the receiving end. She just might be dam good at BJ’s.

    I frankly, beleive if a couple can create their own set of marriage standards, and not let the institution dictate your marriage standards. We are all better off if we reject the impose standards. Why not create your standards? After all we are agreeing to a lifetime with one person.

    Statically, the data reflects, that money is the key factor, in the break down of today’s marriages. If, we can get our money issues resolved…just maybe our marriages would last longer. Marriage is a institution, it has always been one, like all institutions their are failurers with in the institution. All marriages, don’t last, and that is acceptable in our society,

  18. Bullsh*t! I did all of these and my bastard husband still cheated. Truth be told men cheat when the opportunity presents itself and if they feel they can get away with it.

  19. Just plain disgusting for a woman to out and out discuss what goes on in her bedroom between she and her hubby. Let’s hope for her sake this man loves her for her and he’s not in it for the jobs she speaks/boast about. If a man or a woman wants to cheat, bedroom acts, money, cars, trucks whatever won’t keep him or her faithful or at home. Their is no magic formula it’s 2 people that desire to be together working together to make it work. Another thought is this woman has children at home and she is putting this garbage out here.

  20. I’m divorced but if my wife would’ve thought this way I wouldn’t be. I like her motto of full stomach empty penis. If the head right biggie there every night!

  21. It is important to make sure his sexual needs are met, but sex will not keep that man. Communication, trust, and honest has alpt to do with a relationship. I know men that could care less about a bj

  22. i Know What You're Thinking on

    Is she on something? There is no way that you’re going to tell me that giving your man head is going to help you to keep him or keep your marriage or relationship on an even keel. What world is she living in? Many a men have strayed from their wives/mates even though they give good head, but that does not a happy marriage make, or good relationship for that matter. And the truth is, if your man sees no point in the marriage or relationship due to whatever circumstances, all the bj’s in the world ain’t going to change that.

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