NJ Man Sued By Wife After Spending Her $744,000 Trustfund On Mistress; She Thought He Was Gambling


mistressBy Nigel Boys

Reportedly the New York underwear heiress, Candice Feinberg, is suing her husband Steven Lalicata claiming that he conned her into giving him $744,000 to repay gambling debts but he actually spent the money on his mistress.

The 39-year-old heiress claims that Lalicata, whom she had married in 2011, persuaded her to give him money from her trust fund because he owed large amounts of money to members of organized crime for gambling debts.

Apparently the desperate husband pleaded with his new wife to give him the money or he would be hurt by mobsters if he did not pay up on his gambling debts. Feinberg trusted her husband and thought that he was telling the truth because he would often leave the house late at night and she presumed he was gambling.

Feinberg says that Lalicata even went so far as to convince his cousins to lie for him and back up his story when she spoke with them.

The daughter of Herbert Feinberg, who is credited with inventing seamless panties, became suspicious of her husband’s activities so she hired a private detective to follow him.

The private detective found out that Lalicata was having an affair with Diana Fernandez and the money that his wife had given him to pay off his gambling debts had actually been used to buy his mistress fancy things.

Feinberg then filed a $10 million lawsuit against her husband in New York court naming Fernandez as being her husband’s mistress.

Oscar Holt, the attorney for Fernandez, denies that she was the mistress of Lalicata and claims that they were only “good friends.”

The estranged couple got married in 2011 after meeting at a Beach Bum Tanning Salon in Manhattan, New York where Lalicata was working at the time. The lawsuit was filed in 2012 but has only just come to light in the media.



  1. I don’t feel sorry for this silly woman. She got in a relationship with him too soon and didnt know a dayum thing about him, plus she let him cozy up to her son too soon and too quick. Dude could have been a pedophile after her kid instead of a con artist after her money. Desperation makes women ignore obvious red flags.

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  3. I hope she gets her money, i,e., at least the over $744,000 that she was gullible enough to let him swindle her out of. There is a lesson in this article for anyone who ever gives it a thought of letting someone sweet talk you into giving them anything of yours that they have not contributed toward. It was a trust fund that she benefitted from – so it’s obvious he hadn’t contributed a dime toward the funds. It is as simple as this: he made a complete fool of her. Whoever or whatever wanted him would’ve gotten him if it meant me bailing him out with money that was mine.

    My heart goes out to her, and I hope readers of this article learn from her mistake.

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