No Drugs, No Surgery: How One Woman Lost 180 Pounds Naturally


miraclesBy: Krystle Crossman

Today we bring you the incredible story of Liana Saidah Sims. She lost 180 pounds over the course of 4 years. She didn’t get surgery, she didn’t use diet pills or crazy weight loss scams. She did it the natural way and has never felt better.

In Spring of 2007 Liana realized that she wanted to change. She was tired of avoiding the mirror. She remembered a passage that she had read that said,

“You can never change who you are until you embrace the person you are today”.

She thought about it and realized that she couldn’t accept who she was in the present because she was too fearful to look into a mirror. She knew that until she addressed the painful issues that went along with how she was, she would never really be able to change. She went on a dorm retreat and that was the beginning of her new life.

When she got to the retreat they asked them to write on paper their biggest fears, and she knew that all of hers centered around her weight. She left the retreat more determined than ever to lose the weight. She began with small changes in her lifestyle such as cutting out soda and juice and drank water only. Just with that small change she saw her skin clear and she began to lose weight. Then she cut out fried food, fast food, creamy dressings, red meat, and heavy breads or pastas. She also stopped snacking late at night. If she wanted sweets she only ate them before 2pm so she would have time to burn the calories off through the day.

Exercise was a gradual step for Liana. She began with simple things like taking the stairs instead of elevators, taking a bike to work, and took up a swim class. She then got a gym membership. She had a year where she plateaued and ended up losing no weight but still lost inches. She went back to the gym, did spin classes, and started counting calories. She says 80% of losing weight is about nutrition, eating proper foods and proper portions, and 20% is exercise. Now she is 180 pounds lighter and feeling better than ever.



  1. A year long plateau would make the average person throw in the towel! What strong will power to keep going during that period! I want to lose some weight for health reasons, and you have truly inspired me to make some changes in my lifestyle!

  2. michael smith on

    It sounds interesting and encouraging for me that my weight is still a little bit o.k to start losing weight. Infact I dont want to be too fat.

  3. Starr Onsumnushyt Geary on

    Nothing like more encouragement! 4 yrs is nothing when you change your whole life in the end. Way to go mama!

  4. I was just diagnosed with arthritis in my back and hip, and I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay over weight for my 5'6" frame. I just started walking without being in pain this week, and was almost afraid to start exercising, for fear of a relaps ( could not walk for almost 2 weeks) I appreciate reading of her victory, because it has inspired me to get moving…right now! getting on the aerobic rider right now. INSPIRED.

  5. Cawanda Lewis on

    I have a question,what did u do with the stomach skin when u started loosing the weight,how did u tone that left over skin from the stomach,bcoz there's going to be excess skin hanging when u loose the weight,please tell me how to tighten and tone that up!

  6. Awesome story we can give up and get fustrated on this journey your's is a great reminder to stay the course on a healthy lifestyle path! Congrats and continued sucess!

  7. Georgia Greene on


  8. Leslie Settles on

    Congratulations! I did the same thing 30 years ago… I got to a point where I refused to step on the scale anymore so I will never know my top weight but I did go from a 16/18 to a size 2. That was too small but I've kept it off for more than 30 years. Please keep up the good work.

  9. AMarie Sampson on

    Good for her…hats off to her big time….every weight loss story is different…in my personal case, I needed a team to get going..personal prayers, family support, mental health support, physical health support….my mental health was important to start with because I knew if body isn't healthy the mind isn't either….I wanted to get in gear on everything….I encourage anyone to seek mental help first then it;s easier to heal the body….

  10. Congrats. Great job. My question is, with the drastic weight loss, there is still extra skin like in the lower abdomen, thighs. Did you have that surgically removed? I ask bcz I I know of a few people who have lost weight as you who now is dealing with extra skin.

  11. That’s amazing! Congrats and I hope u have embffraced yourself and feel good about yourself!

    @kim, she may not have as much excess skin because this was over the course of 4yrs. I think that usually happens when a drastic loss occurs in a short timeframe.

  12. This really touched me…I have just started getting into shape and it’s slowly coming off I want to do more and reading your story help me understand what it is I have to do. God bless you

  13. Were could we get in touch with Liana sims,we girls needs to get together and get some recipes that could help other along the way,I want to congratulate Mrs sims on her journey.

  14. I am her friend on Facebook and I also follow her on twitter, IG and she had a YouTube channel. If you want to know the full story and see videos of her JOURNEY, check out the channel at Watch Queen Lose on YouTube. She is my inspiration!

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