No $ex: Why These Women Would Rather Focus On Their Careers Than $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

Anita Rani of the BBC has put a documentary out entitled “No S*x Please, We’re Japanese”. The focus of this documentary is Japanese women who are choosing to really focus on their careers instead of s*x and relationships. Some are even calling it a catastrophe because of the overwhelming number of women under 40 who have given up on conventional relationships. Some aren’t even bothering to date at all. With Japan having one of the lowest birth rates in the world and the population shrinking all the time, this could make the population dip even more. They are predicting that their population will decrease by one third by 2060.

In Japan it is part of their culture that if the women have a child, they must quit their jobs and stay home. They are not allowed to return to the workforce as the child gets older. Forgoing s*x in order to have a career is not a decision that these women are making on a whim. They do not want to give up their careers and are not willing to risk getting pregnant. In Japan, only 2% of women have babies out of wedlock as compared to 50% in Britain.

On the outside Japan may seem like it is a very modern and high-tech culture, but if you look closely enough you will see that the women are very conservative and the values are very traditional. Rani said that when she visited Japan she noticed that more and more of the women were assertive and took control of their lives while the men just sat back and watched. The women were outperforming them but they didn’t step up and do anything about it.

Rani says that Japan needs to seriously focus on its workforce and practices if it wants to retain its population. Women need to be allowed back into the workforce after having children or less women will be reproducing which will cause the population to drop and the economy will suffer.



  1. This is something that women of all races should focus on. If the cards fall in place and you meet the right person, that is fine, however, this should not be your number one priority in life. Black women need to hear this at a very young age. I have seen countless numbers of young black women who are so focused on chasing a man that they forget that there is more elements to life.

  2. It isn’t only “young black women” who chase men. Older women (who ought to know better, given the unreliability of our men), do it, too.

    I don’t care how pretty (or “hot”, as they say, nowadays), a female is, she/we must get the education,training, skills, to be able to support ourselves and our children if necessary.

    There is nothing sadder than to see a 60 year disabled black woman who was a beauty in her 20’s, but used her p—-y, instead of her head to support herself. Now, such women are living on SSI, on less than $700 a month, and it’s too late to start over.

    This scenario is more common than one thinks.

  3. I am with this 100% my husband just recently passed away and I have vowed NEVER to marry again. This guy at church walked me to my vehicle on a clear sunny day–I was offended because I felt he was flirting. My husband just passed away why would he get in my space? I am concentrating on myself, my career and my college age son. I have been married before and I have been CURED from marriage life.

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