“No P00”: Why This Woman Has Not Shampooed Her Hair in 5 Years



By: Krystle Crossman

As you grow up you are told that you need to wash your hair with shampoo at least every other day, often times at least once a day. However there are some people that are choosing to go against what they were taught as kids and going sans shampoo. That’s right, they use nothing to wash their hair. Just water. Nothing else.

Jaquelyn Baers has gone without shampoo for over five years now but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you look at her hair. She said that she started using organic shampoos because she was worried about the chemicals that were being used in her hair when she was using regular shampoo. Then she realized how expensive the organic shampoos were and stopped using those as well. She had searched for alternatives and found that some people were using baking soda and apple cider vinegar so she tried that as well but she said it just didn’t work for her. Finally she gave up and used nothing but water.

Baers is not the only one to ditch the shampoo. It is actually becoming quite the growing trend these days. There is a small adjustment period that your hair goes through when you stop using the shampoo but after that people have found that it grows more quickly and is much shinier and healthier. So if you really don’t need shampoo at all, why are we putting all of these chemicals into our hair? Most of them are too dangerous to ingest so why should they be put on your scalp?

Would you try using just water to wash your hair as opposed to using shampoo?



  1. I stopped used shampoo about a year ago. A Jamaican friend of mind said that the only reason we use shampoo on our hair is because of European influence. I have worn locks for twenty-four years and dry scalp runs in my family. I have found without shampoo and using olive oil for hot oil treatment, I have less of an issue with dry scalp.

  2. Condition with coconut oil and add a couple drops of vanilla oil (I bought both at Anita Grant site)..put a plastic cap on ya head for 10-20 mins based on thickness of ya hair…massage wash out…put some coconut oil on your palm rub through ya hair…part it up use monoi oil with the tiare in it …comb twist set style…feels so good and lite…antennae must stay in a natural state…the universe appreciates a clean clear connection…and so do I.

  3. I believe in shampooing my hair, I just dont need to shampoo it more than once a,week,a nice deep condition in between,air dry, oil your scalp with coconut oil,olive oil etc..silk scarf at night and you’re good!!

    • Freda P Jenkins on

      I am replying to DEVON b/c my son is also named DEVON (LOL), but after reading further in the article, it should have said in the headline, WHY THIS WOMAN HAS NOT USED SHAMPOO IN FIVE YEARS, (just used water or something else);Headline deception!

      • @ Freida P. Jenkins you make a good point about the using else besides shampoo (doesnt mean her hair isnt clean) but Im a shampoo girl, I need my suds. Its cool your sons name is Devon…there female Devons too.

  4. There are way to mamy chemicals going right into your head with all these shampoos. If you must use just use that baby soap, it’s bascially just soap and water.

  5. I hope someone can give me some much needed advice, my Hair has been coming out and I’ve tryed everything and so please give me some ideas. i’ve went back to the Natural style, since I am African American. and Maybe using olive oil or Coconut oil. Need help. Thanks for any advice.

    • Angel58 – have you tried biotin? You can buy it at any drugstore or GNC store. Take between 5,000 and 10,000 mcg’s per day. Coconut oil is very good for hair. Also try the Organic Root Stimulator products which are good for stimulating hair growth. The Olive Oil hair products are good too. Also, don’t sleep on braid and twist extensions. Great for giving your hair a rest while it gets strong and healthy. Best braiding hair is synthetic yaki. Get the braids long so that you can pin them up in a bun or pull them back in a ponytail or have the braider pull them back in a chignon. Use the Organic Root Stimulator Temple Balm to nurture the healthy strong new temple growth. And if you get braids or twists, be sure to wrap your hair in a silk scarf because the silk won’t soak up the moisture from your hair. You will have a nice head of hair, strong and healthy by summer. Good luck!

  6. Hi Angel58, My hair was breaking off when I permed it. I stopped perming it about 8 years ago. Since then, Ive been cutting off the split ends and now my hair is natural.

    It takes skill to deal with black hair because it’s fragile. You need to start with your natural curl pattern. I call this “respect the curl”. Part of seeing your hair in a healthy state is giving it space to grow. What I came to realize is many man-made chemicals were DAMAGING my hair not making me “beautiful”. When I stopped putting perm in (and used natural oils) my hair grew. So giving your hair a rest from perms and blowdryers should help.
    Do what you can to keep your hair conditioned. I use the Blue Magic conditioner used for Afro. I also lightly oil my hair every day.

    What makes it tough is the discrimination black women potentially face for wearing their hair natural. One suggestion is braiding your hair in cornrows (not too tightly) and then wearing a short wig over it while your hair is growing out. Another suggestion is put your hair in a loose bun and then clip on a bun extension – for an updo look.

    What is encouraging to me and what I see as progress is women accepting a wider spectrum of beautiful hair than just permed straight hair. The different hair textures have their own maintenance regimens and hairstyles.

    You can google natural hair journey to see how other women have dealt with it as well.

  7. My hair smells lovely and I stopped using shampoo about three months ago. If you use a lot of product in your hair I would not encourage you to stop shampooing, maybe try to us less product and shampoo organically when needed. Use a strong stream of water to rinse your hair thoroughly and condition after, it will make a large difference. It may not be right for all our hair but for some it is great.

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