No, You Aren’t Pregnant. So Why Are You Skipping Your Period?


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

When you skip your period your mind probably goes right to that place where you think you are pregnant. This happens to many women but the root cause is usually something medical, not a new baby growing inside of you. Here are four different reasons that you may be skipping your period:

1. Medications – There are certain medications that can throw your normal cycle out of whack and cause you to miss your period. Check the side effects on any medications that you are taking to see if amenorrhea is one of them. Here are some common medications that have this side effect:

– Birth Control
– Allergy medications
– Chemotherapy drugs
– Blood pressure medications
– Antipsychotics
– Antidepressants

2. Hormonal changes – When your hormones fluctuate they can mess with your ovulation and menstruation cycles. Hormones can fluctuate for a variety of reasons such as a change in diet, medications that you are taking, or a medical problem that is based on hormonal imbalances. Eating disorders can cause major hormonal imbalances as you are not getting the nutrients that you need through the day to keep your hormones in check. If you exercise too much during the week you may notice that your hormones are a little crazy and you may notice an irregularity with your period.

3. Natural reasons – Along with pregnancy there are a few other completely natural and normal reasons that your period would be MIA for the month. You could be entering menopause if you are old enough. Also after you have had a baby and you are [email protected] your hormones are being used for milk production and the menstrual cycle falls to the wayside. These are completely normal reactions that your body has with hormonal imbalances and are not something to be worried about.

4. Genetic issues – One of the more serious causes of amenorrhea is a genetic medical issue. These can come with a variety of symtpoms including a missing period. Examples of these medical issues are:

– Pituitary tumor: When you have a tumor on your pituitary gland the prolactin levels are disrupted and causes a stoppage on ovulation and menstruation.

– Asherman’s Syndrome: This syndrome is when there is excessive scarring on the uterus that makes it hard or impossible for the uterus to shed it’s lining every month.

– Mayer-Rokitansy-Kuster-Hauser syndrome: This is when a woman is born without reproductive organs or they are a much smaller size than they should be.



  1. I have just experience this and I was on blood pressure meds,allergies meds, and birth control I was freaking* out because i’m a grandmotherand 49 years old.

    • me 2! I am 49 years old as well and mine just showed up after missing in action for 2 months..we have to make a pinky swear and understand that this is natural…not to get stressed out and take better care of our selves…live life and be happy.

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