Nomalanga: Are You Disgusted By Beyonce’s Grammy Performance?


Beyonce-Jay-Z-Grammys-2014By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Last night, the Grammy’s were on and I have to admit, I did not watch and I’m not sorry I missed them but I digress… I am however noticing a very strong reaction to Beyonce’s performance, which she did with her rapper husband, Jay-Z. The couple performed the song “drunk in love” and some people feel that it was “too much” and even bordering on “soft p*rn”.

I was curious enough about  the performance to find a video of it and watch it. Here’s what I said about it on a Facebook post:

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night but I did see a video clip of Beyoncé and J-Z’s performance together. Apparently there is an uproar because it was not “family friendly”.

I actually liked it and I maintain that parents are the ones responsible for what they expose their children to. A woman dancing and flirting with her husband on stage does not offend me, especially if they are both professional performers and they kept it classy.

I also read a post at which asked, “What Does Jay-Z’s Acceptance of Beyoncé’s $exualized Image Say About Their Marriage ?” My comment on the post was:

Great post from Maria Weezy Lloyd‘s site. I think I’ve said it often enough, I’m just not a Bey fan, but I am actually starting to like her more and more as I listen to her interviews.

People like to compartmentalize people (especially women) and Bey isn’t letting herself be compartmentalized. Yes, she is sensual; that is part of who she is and she is not letting anyone shame her into denying that part of herself.

I think if you don’t like it, don’t watch and and don’t buy her records and don’t go to her concerts!

In December of  2011 I competed at the Mrs. World 2012 pageant and then I also competed at the Mrs Earth 2013 pageant in August of 2012. Around the time that I was at the first pageant and also after the pageant, I heard some rumblings about family members who questioned how a wife and a mother of two could “parade her half naked body” on an international stage. These comments were directed at the swimsuit portion of the competition.

I never answered any of those rumblings because they were not said to me directly but I did feel that the people who were saying them needed to “get a life!”. I bring it up to make the point that it is common for people to feel that what a woman does is “offensive” if she steps out of their comfort zone.

The key point though is that we should not live our lives according to other people’s comfort zones; we should live them according to our own. Leading up to my first pageant as a married woman, I felt anxious, excited and at times, terrified. What was important to me though, was to get in the best shape that I could and walk on that stage with a message that says that you can have a couple of babies and re-claim your body and your health and fitness. My other message was that you have to do the things that scare you so that you can continue to grow and challenge yourself. The pageant was also a huge platform that I could use to shed light on issues that I am passionate about and that I believe need a lot of exposure and dialogue.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, I challenged myself and my inbox was full for months after that with messages from women who were both inspired and motivated by my courage and my message.

To me Beyonce is inspiring because she models her message. Yes, she is a mother and a wife, but she is also a performer and a vibrant, sensual woman who has an amazing business sense and is by far the most successful woman in her field. I don’t know how good of a mother or a wife she is, but I’m willing to bet she’s great in both those roles and she does not have to deny the  sensual and passionate part of herself to be able to excel in her roles as a mother and a wife. In fact, I believe that the more balanced a woman’s life is, the more joyful and fulfilled she is…and the more fulfilled and joyful she is, the better she can be as a wife and a mother.

So, to answer the question; Am I disgusted by Beyonce’s Grammy night  performance? The answer is no, actually I am inspired by it.

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    • They look nasty because their on-stage in the public-eye… Let your 15 year old daughter start dressing like “BEY” and bring home a jigga like Jay-Z to sit at your dinner table and smile all up in your face, especially knowing that his dumb-donkey-a$$ use to sale crack-cocaine to the people in your neighborhood…wink!!!

      Go Head On With Yo Bad Self…………….wink!

  1. I didn’t see the performance, award shows aren’t my “cup of tea” but I am shocked there is any controversy, why would a well established artist need to do anything “risqué” is there was

  2. No I was not disgusted. I do not subscribe to puritanical values as those values have never advanced morality but merely hypocrisy. These two people are married to each other. Work as a team. Are taking care of their baby. Are not abusers of drugs. If only more people in our community will follow just that example set by these two highly visible people our community will make a quantum leap forward. Is he an MLK? Is she a Rosa Parks? Probably not. Are you? Am I? Probably not. As a community we excel in setting very high standards for other people. How about setting those standards for yourself haters? I do.

    • Do you respect that others may have a different “moral standard” than yourself & that there are those who actually prescribe & live a moral staunch lifestyle & aren’t hypocrites or maybe just not in your world. Being married & having a career doesn’t give one “carte blanc” to do any & everything at anytime & since I doubt you live with the “Carters” you have no idea their private lives of an “ex crack dealer” & to evoke “Rosa Parks” name puts you in a “Hall of Fame” of inappropriate comments, passing no judgment on this performance I did not see

    • @obed norman…. You talk about “Hypocrisy”..!!!!
      Your comment is:
      ***These two people are married to each other. Work as a team. Are taking care of their baby. *(ARE NOT ABUSERS OF DRUGS)…REALLY!!! But Jay-z was one of the biggest “DRUG-DEALERS”, and just because he went back to his neighbor and built a [email protected] Boys Club his “Black-Pimp-Stankin-A$$” get’s a [email protected] pass…!, so what about all the black brothers and sisters from his neighborhood who are still struggling with addiction from their first-hit / drugs Jay-Z sold to them… PLEZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes Jay-Z sold drugs so what we all make mistakes in our lives and hopefully we grow from them I sitting here wondering what you mad at the fact that he sold drugs or that he had the nerve to turn his life around and do it so well green is not a good color on you boo boo let’s try something new let’s be proud of the success he has become not hold onto the mistakes he made and by the way I would love to meet you because I have never met a perfect person before and since you are obviously perfect I would love to meet you

        • You do understand that “forgiveness” is optional & not mandatory, specially for someone who hasn’t asked for forgiveness & celebrates his criminal conduct. Yes we all makes mistakes but we don’t all; break the law or bring plight & destruction on our community & our own people. Mamakayne, your what’s wrong with the African-American community because your morally flawed & damaged, you condone it in others & assume others are also but we are a better community that what people like you lead the world to believe we are

          • @AL Hill..

            You go AL! Its so darn obvious Jay-z & Bey are being rebellious due to so much back-lash, and being exposed for who they really are.
            It is really Jay-z Bey’s covering who makes her character look so bad & degrading in public. I know Michelle Obama does not condone this type of behavior for her girls period.
            I’m telling you AL, these people need to fly down to Las Vegas, visit the plush stripper clubs and watch the women “Lap-Dance” for every kinda pervert that walk threw those doors for a rounded price of $20 to $25 dollars a dance for so many minutes LMBAO!!

            BEYONCE is just a married h0e because she brought her personal business to the public, and she’s protected because she has a ring on her finger.. that BS ain’t nothing but “POLITICS & GREEN MONSTER”…. get real!!

        • @mama-boo-boo-kayne…

          To each is own, you have no morales, and you must be very very young, real mamas don’t act and represent themselves like you do. You have no eyes to see.
          Jay-z has been exposed for many things and his donkey-a$$ don’t give a [email protected] about you. If you were one of them who was actively involved in “Occupy Wall Street”, his evil-a$$ was ready to make some “GREEN MONSTER MONEY” off all your pain and suffering.
          Jay-Z will always be a real nasty low-down dirty jigga in my book, and personally I don’t like his hoeish filthy a$$ because he tried to get at my niece right before he married blind-a$$ BEY.. Now kiss my black beautiful a$$ trick…

  3. I saw it, didn’t like it, never was my cup, but it do understand why a couple of her songs have been banned overseas… I love Tina Turner, so that part is extremely disrespectful. Tina has done nothing to those ignorant bytches, why use somebody else pain to gain wealth. Let the bottom fall out of both of them… They have no morales!!!

  4. Moon Priestess on

    If we lived in a altruistic world these comments would be beautiful and uplifting and maybe even empowering to many women.

    However because we do not live in such a world and even in the world of entertainment are those “at the top” always seeking ways to control you, I think the whole mind warping of this woman and her husband is nauseating. She’s a performer who gets paid for you to follow her and exalt her to a status that truly she doesn’t deserve. I didn’t watch the show but I saw the video and this is NOT sensuality, it is SEXUALITY. Just because she is married to this man, which is a business marriage by the way, doesn’t make it “OKAY” or “sensual”, it still makes it voyuerism and exhibitionism for MONEY$$$$$$.

    Of course if you follow the motives of the entertainment industry, you all should see a pattern. Of course it’s time for “BEY”, ( I HATE THAT NAME) to come out as some sultry, whorish icon!!! She’s done it all hasn’t she? All to socieites perfect approval. Career, Marriage, child, now sexualize her. Wow. Sad.

    People want to see a grown woman, whose built to be thick, walking around starving herself to be skinny ( she looked horrible to me) so she can wear an outfit that is non flattering and roll around and pretend to be some sex icon? NO thank you. I don’t want to teach that ish to my daughters. I don’t want my sons looking at her or her husband. Next!

    This woman looks like a fool in the video and can no one see that her “marriage” with this man is nothing but a MONEY MAKER relationship? What man “leases” his wife’s body and sexuality out like a pimp? WAKE UP!

    This is nothing but a dance to continue to keep you asleep. There is NO message here for women or people of color or a divine union called Marriage, this is all about the $$$$$

    I think it’s all disgusting PERIOD, last night, tonight and any other night. WAKE UP! THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT

    • @Moon Priestess…

      YOU GO MOON!!! Its always about some [email protected] compromise. Bey is a bad example for all African American women.
      The black brothers who are always “complaining, low-rating black-women, putting us down due to the way we dress & etc” who love watching the cumcubine-hoe Bey-Bytch dance her disrespectable donkey-naked-a$$ all over the human-race are just as “MENTALLY UNSTABLE & CRAZY” as she and JAY-Z are. They are sold-out to “S*X & PORNOGRAPHY”, like a tree planted by the roots in water, everytime the wind starts to blow their donkey-a$$ fall-over-limp. Its only about S*X, they have no stable morales, and can’t see what’s ahead of them because the desires of their wicked flesh comes before the truth and their GOD… and the black-women who support her are worst then the brothers.

      These 2 male & female (Heffa-Cats) totally disrespected Tina Turner, I will never forget this a day in my life. Who in the h*ll do they think they are. I can’t believe many of our people “WORSHIP” these 2 f*kn demons.. and they also disrespect the middle-eastern culture by the lyrics at the beginning of the song. Middle-eastern women don’t carry themselves like that whore… these [email protected] have no conscience at all / funky demon-seeds period.

      The first person who throws a rock at me has already been stoned…

    • Very well said ” Moon Priestess “, and YOU GO GIRLLL Redbone, you hit the nail on the head !!!I agree with both of you. I looked at that very boring show, and think it’s getting worse every year. It use to be when you watched these awards shows you saw class. What happened to those days ? Yes, I think Beyoncé’s performance was RAUNCHY, WH##ISH,and SEXUAL ( not sensual )! So was her outfit ! The first thing we saw was the back of mostly a NACKED A$$ with legs GAPPED WIDE-OPENED ! We all said, that must be Beyoncé ! Didn’t have to see her face. Is the greed for money, fame, and power so overwhelming that it makes you sell your soul and character ? How can any of you defend her behavior ? I believe a lot of us as blacks have given up our dignity and power. Our black families have been broken and divided and most of it is by our own doing. She may have the looks, the body, the money and know how to shake her A$$,but she show DON’T HAVE CLASS ! Neither does having all that make you a good/great Artist. To me she has always been an exhibitionist, and apparently it doesn’t bother Jay-Z. I do think their relationship is all-about-money. To me Beyonce’ is an exhibitionist. Sure she’s not alone, there are all those others everyone mentioned, but they’re not black. Plus, we should know by now, black folks just can’t do what certain other people do and be seen in the same light. I see almost everyday on the internet how some black women, young girls and even little black children are exploiting themselves or being exploited. I see videos of black women, little black girls, and even babies in diapers that they put out there themselves twerking,and using more vulgarity than I do. While so-call adults are in the background edging then on and laughing. There are higher crime and murder rates black-on-black than any other group of people. WAKE-UP BLACK PEOPLE ! Can’t you see ? You’re doing the job of destroying yourselves just as planned for you. You need to open your eyes, your ears, and mind. It is so embarrassing and heart breaking to see what’s happening to a lot of our men, women, and children in todays society. Lastly, I’ve noticed only one person mentioned the DISRESPECT they showed the Great Artist and Great Performer Tina Turner ! If those words were what I thought they were, HOW COULD YOU ? You should feel shame. Beyounce’ should study Tina Turner ! Just maybe, she’ll understand how a REAL Artist, woman, and performer carry herself. God bless the children….

      • @Lenneta B.

        Thank you Girl, you right on it. I just can’t get over what they did to Tina Turner. Tina Turner is the only one who has a right to talk or sing about her trials of life. Bey and Jay have absolutely no morales… They are nothing but stankin dead-fish to me, never to be trust. They are only looking and drawing people to worship them… Its so easy to see.. DEMONIC-A$$-HOLES

  5. Didn’t watch. Don’t care. I am more than certain that there has been performances more risque than this. WHO CARES??

  6. Live and let live, loved it…what she does as a consenting adult with her husband publically (within the law) or privately is her business…More power to you Queen Be..Keep on being you…

  7. If anyone got upset, maybe it’s because they just closed minded. I see nothing wrong with 2 married artist performing together. I Loved watching this beautiful black sister showing not only off her talent but her outward beauty. After all Pink opened her legs even wider up in the air and and showed more skin then Beyoncé to me. This performance didn’t upset me at all if I had a body and was still young like her I would have flaunted it the same way. DONT BE JEALOUS! HATERS!

  8. Did not watch, afraid I am sick of all the BS coming out of Hollywood these days. No, I am not into Beyoncé, she is not my cup of tea. But, I will say no one has show all of their front & rear if you are really that good. I am old school weather it is entertainment or not I prefer a woman act like a lady! I guess the young folks will say I am outdated! That’s cool with me, just keep the bedroom scenes at home where they belong not on stage so the whole world can see!

    • I have a simple yardstick .Would I feel comfortable with my wife or children watching the dance routine with me. Sex sells. Bouncy is being objectified. If my wife saw me with a screen shot of Bouncy she would initially assume that it was porn.

      • @Cambie

        Thank you Cambie. I have a brother who is raising his daughter without her mother. When Bey first came on the scene he asked me to plezzz get Beyonce out of his little girls system, she was only 5 or 6 yrs old then, she even had certain clothes she wanted to wear over and over again because she wanted to be like “BEY”… that was years ago, today “BEY” has gotten worse.

        I live in Las Vegas… the outfit Bey wore on stage is “WHORE-HOUSE / STRIPPER-CLUB” attire, then to actually straddle her [email protected] leggs “WIDE-OPEN” in public, in-front of hundreds of men…really! don’t yall know women in Las Vegas get paid to do what she did on stage!!! *Its called a: LAP-DANCE $20 to $25 dollars a woop… Get real, maybe some people in this room need to fly to Vegas for a real eye-opener..

        Its really sad to see a room full of “DOUBLE-STANDARD COMMENTS”, this is what’s wrong with our young black-women. We jump on their a$$ 24-7 about the way they dress, then we say its okay for “BEY” to dance like a f*kn whore in front of the public-eye just because she’s married to Jay-z and has a baby!!! REALLY!!!! REALLY!!!
        I’m so sick and tired of my people sometimes I just don’t give a [email protected], that why I cuss!!! people make me CUSS!
        Jay-Z is nothing but a “BOUNCER” protecting his [email protected] money, yall think Redbone is lying, bring all yall a$$ to Las Vegas on Industrial Road and you’ll find all the Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s in the world, Jay’z at the door pulling in money and “BEY” onstage “POPPIN-THAT-THANG” just like she did at the grammy’s…. and yall can take that to the bank and cash that baby-in.


  9. The shame of it is, that someone with as much talent as she has would have to put her sexuality on display to compete with much less talented artist, Taylor Swift doesn’t have to have as much talent as Beyonce or risque behavior, all she has to be is white, open your eyes, black women have always had to work extra hard in this manner, to be acknowledged. Jenae is a class act but How much do you see of her?

  10. I didn’t have a problem with her performance either because I saw it as Beyonce being Beyonce. No one can object to how she performs because we’ve all either seen her in concert or seen her concerts live on TV, so we know what we’re in for.
    I can see why or how people wouldn’t want their kids to see certain things but parents have to expect the unexpected from anyone’s performances. Honestly, I was happy to see the way they were onstage because it’s almost like their first time showing PDA. I mean, maybe it took for them to have Blue Ivy to finally show who they are as a couple, as husband and wife, so I loved it.

  11. Most of you are obviously a special kind of stupid, if you believe her performance had anything to do with, music, artistry or her relationship & not orchestrated by people much smarter than the two of them. Miley Cyrus’s performance @ the VMA’s was slammed as “risqué” but was talked about for weeks & sent her popularity & record sales through the roof “not by record company bulk purchase” & made her one of the most requested “Magazine covers”. Performances are suppose to be about entertaining & pleasing the fans & audience, Beyoncé & Jay-Z care as much about their fans as a goldfish cares about their owner. Please let’s bury the term “Hater” its so misused & in 2014 it just sounds “stupid”

  12. I’ve never bought a record, album, nor concert from any of these so called musicians. I stop watching that messed they call T.V entertainment today and guess what.

    My family is awesome. My pockets are deep, My mind is at peace and I’m not worried about any of that trivial messed.

    I got my own dreams to obtain. I don’t have time to make hers come true.

  13. I think every entertainer stretches the limit from every perspective so as opinion crop up we complain and we enjoy the artist venue of self expression as to moral lets see there was Lennie Bruce-Dice Clay-Jlo and other to come like a wrecking ball Miley Cyrus to each there own and if she got like that she can say BDB

    • Keep in mind the “path paver” Lenny Bruce was willing & did go to jail for his commitment to “free speech” (is Beyoncé & Jay-Z a fair comparison). Andrew Dice Clay was protested by every “feminist group” in the world & career relegated to 3rd tier & no critic has claimed that Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo), has any talent whatsoever outside of her “Booty” (insured for over a million dollars) & Miley Cyrus has been demonized & been called the “demon seed white trash” & completely attacked by “Black America”. My question is & I’m no prude but when did leopards, pelvis thrust & “gapped legs become mandatory for a singing performance does clothes distort modern sound systems, I gew up during the 70’s a wild era but singers sounded just fine wearing clothes

  14. Some things, even between a husband and wife are meant to be and stay private. Most of the time I see her she is nearly naked, dancing and moves are nasty and disgusting. I don’t promote her at all.

  15. I didn’t watch either the grammys haven’t been worth watching since, Michael.Jackson won.for thriller and Moon Preistess, I agree there is no real talent there just sexuality….which is sad I grew up.playing instruments and in a family with true vocal talent and I can’t help, but be disgusted by what is called music…heck entertainment for that matter.

  16. Thank you!! I couldn’t have said this any better. Not understanding why the hate; especially since she was dancing with her husband (key word “husband”). I thought it was very special how she was dancing with & for her husband. If it was so bad, why was Jamie Foxx drooling over her (on national TV)? I liked the performance. I wonder if people really listened to the words in her song “Flawless”? If they had, they would understand her and her performance a whole lot better.

    • No one has made any objection to who she was performing with; married, divorced, engaged, dating, just met 2 hours ago, some people may object to some performances & expressions in public, “some porn stars & strippers are married”. We Black people can find away to excuse & celebrate any behavior whatsoever performed by other African-Americans & believe others don’t notice

  17. At least she was singing and doing what she did with her HUSBAND! Many of us, do and wear OR HAVE DONE that stuff for a minute man, temp man, or one nighter SO at least BEY got him to put a ring on it and she is “Representing” for her HUSBAND AS HIS WIFE. And all the while she was making her own money so she is up on her game! All the comments can go “to the left, to the left”

    • No one care who she was doing it with, its the fact she was doing it in public & how does bumping & grinding, pelvic thrusting & spreading your legs to the camera on international TV “represent your husband”, you sound retarded

  18. keepbothbarrelsloaded on

    She was no worst than the former disney actress Miley “twerking whore” Cyrus. More children follow her than Beyonce. What about disgusting, SLUTTY performance and they promoted her filthy nastiness.

    • Are you the only one in the World who doesn’t remember the backlash, bad press & threats to ban Miley Cyrus’s albums & performances & the utter assault the “Black Media & Blogosphere” gave her “really”

  19. Beyoncé is ignorant and not aware of her history as an entertainer. There was a point in time when the only entertainment roles our beautiful women could get was roles where they didn’t hardly have any clothes on. Back in the fifties and sixties most light skinned women could get an entertainment gig at the Cotton Club in New York dressed with hardly nothing on singing and dancing. Ella Baker had to go to Europe to get paid for doing the same thing because she was brown skin. She also put some bananas on to augment her outfit. Now fast forward to today where talented women no longer have to dress like that to be a singer and Beyoncé has decided to roll the clock back fifty years. I guess if it was up to her she would come out there butt naked to make a dollar. This is an unmitigated shame and disgrace against the struggles that our people have gone through all these years.

    • @Craig aka Trouble…

      A. M. E. N.

      Well said my brother, and with much respect, its a shameful thing “Jay-z & Bey” has done. The saddest thing about it is (so many of our people can’t even see the writing on the wall), its very clear & precise, in yo face type of BS. That lets you know how blind our people really are, even many of us with education, its like a bad-set-back for-real.
      The part that really blow me away is: BLACK-MAN Jay-Z’s wife on stage with her “LEGGS-WIDE-OPEN” and he condones it, and just the thought of all the perverted notions going through all the men’s minds like LOLLIPOPS, so now everybody knows what they do behind close-doors. Important: just the impressions it will now have on our young black-women and daughters and little-girls.
      Bey is turned out!!! Her “PIMP-HUSBAND” has turned her donkey straight out. Huh maybe the sales will go up for all the “LAP-DANCE-STRIPPERS” in Las Vegas now!

      NOTE: I have never been in a relationship with a black-man who wanted to share his “JEWELS” with thw whole world.

  20. I wasn’t so much disgusted as I was bored.. she dressed better than Miley!.. her butts bigger than Miley’s, it’s tighter than hers..
    I feel all these negative [email protected]* comments are white folks way if taking a dig at her cause white ass Miley fukked up!

    I don’t like the song “drunk in love” & the performance was weak!.. 0_o next!

    • You sound like an absolute pathetic lonely “creep”, we are discussing “public decency” & your talking about “booties”, get a women “pervert”. Most African-Americans are intelligent, educated, sophisticated, moral individuals, that judge the world by content & context & not the “shape & size of someone’s booty”, what a loser. Find your nearest University & talk to somebody

    • @TT_CA…

      It was boreing, the whole show was horrible, we lost total interest and turned the channel. The only person I enjoyed was Robin Thicke, and his wasn’t even up to par. The Grammy’s was a waste of money, there was no good music, no good artist performing who actually make good music except for Mr Thicke.
      The Black Music Industry is almost dead…

  21. People have a lot of nerve judging what Beyonce had on at the Grammy’s. I have seen Madonna perform in much raunchy shit on performance shows and no one says a thing. I guess the very much open marriages with gays & lesbians wasn’t offensive? How bout when these TV shows have offensive language and sexual content that comes on TV weekly and you’re bitching about a performance that was on for 1 night? Really? Just like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and all others are ENTERTAINERS!!!! If you’re gonna judge somebody, judge them by the content of their character and not their performance or clothing…..SMMFH!!!!!

  22. I saw the performance and thought it was very seductive. Was that appropriate for the Grammys? That depends on the audience. If young children were watching, if you know that song, we all know how it starts. That was the time to ask your kids to look away or step away until performance was over. Her performance went with the lyrics of her song, and she could have been worse with it. The song is describing her thoughts and how she gets filthy when she drinks. You have to pay attention to what she is saying. I don’t care for her husband but it doesn’t make him a pimp if he allows his wife to do her thing. Whether you want to call her a whore or not is a matter of opinion, which we all are entitled to. I say that was great entertainment. She has already said when she does those type performances, its not her, BC she is shy. However, her altered ego is not! When “Sasha Fierce” takes over she delivers a seductive performance. Sex sells in the entertainment business, and I’m not mad at her for that. As for the weight loss, she lost about 70 lbs. That Vegan diet really works! She looks good, as long as she does not go under her now size 2. I believe the perfect size for an African American woman is a sz 7. That’s just me. Lets not judge unless we are called for jury duty. If you don’t like something, by all means voice your opinion, but lets not bash each other. Its not attractive at all.

  23. She is a performer. We are always quick to criticize people that are flirty or confident. I say, if you do not like her, you have two choices turn her music down and turn your tv off. The media is quick to bring her down but accepts men kissing on men and women kissing on women during performances. You have people like Madonna jumping on the band wagon of all things new and fresh, just to stay relative. Black women have always had their bodies sacrificed for the world. If she wore a gown on that stage it would have probably torn. It was not as bad as people are making it. And the lyrics are expressing the sexual experiences of a man and a woman who are married. So when Black love is expressed it is vulgar. So many Black people have produced these pop artists and slowly Black artists are being replaced by these pop artists. So now the world does not like Beyonce? Please, she is Queen Bey, the more we talk about her the more money she will make. At least they are married, making money together and employing people. The world is loose and the music is reflective of our society. Change the world, change the music

  24. I like Bey too, but I am looking forward to the day when she can perform without shaking her butt like it’s a, well ….., and looking like some second rate pole dancer. I would like to see her make the transition from hootchy mamma to an endearing “female” artist. I thought that after the birth of her child, that transition would be accelerated, but I guess I was wrong. I am as much of a visual creature as any other man, – and yes, Bey’s booty (shaking) gets my attention – but after a while, the scantly, lacy outfits, and vulgar moves becomes unappealing (to me).

    I love it (not really) when people like Nomalanga surgically inserts the phrase (get a life) into their commentaries, as though that is supposed to silence anyone who disagrees with them. It does seem (to me), that too often it’s women like Nomalanga are the ones who glorify this type of artistry and are quick to cast it in the realm of it being “sensual and passionate”. Reading her article a couple of times and giving some thought to her very last statement, where she said, “Am I disgusted by Beyonce’s Grammy night performance? The answer is no, actually I am inspired by it.”, seems to suggest to me she is in need of a self-esteem booster shot as well.

    Finally, thank goodness someone with the stature of Patti LaBelle put it in context. The word has been depreciated by these little heifers. I also agree with her (Pattie), for not wanting her name associated with the word. It pains me to no end that the word “Diva” has been so marginalized by these “wannabe” Divas, yet I take some solace in having lived through an era where this label was bestowed on women of class, grace and dignity – singers like Gladys, Aretha, Dionne. With that, I will continue with my life having my own interpretation of what a diva is, and not the way Beyonce has defined it. In her (Beyonce’s) words, “a diva is a female version of a hustler”.

    Not every chick with a hit song and a microphone to yell in is a diva.

    • Well said, @ last years Super Bowl halftime performance, I was really hoping she would just stand there fully dressed & just sing “live”

  25. There are obviously way too many children on this post, for only a child or the ignorant believe, that because they find something “morally tolerable” so should everyone else & their kids or a defense of doing something “bad” is someone else did it “why should I get in trouble when Tommy next door did it also” who like 5th graders. People keep evoking Madonna Ciccone’s name people she’s 55 years old & never bent over to the camera in a leopard or gaped her legs open to it (if she did back then the screen would have went black) & the Catholic Church itself went after her along with hundreds of “parental & conservative groups” & she did “like a virgin” in a wedding dress & “all Hell broke loose” against her. How is her dancing with her husband an exception, if someone has sex with her husband on film is it suddenly not “porn” or if she takes off her clothes & her husband is in the audience is it no longer “stripping”. How in the heck did “Homosexuals” become part of the conversation again the “ignorant class” let’s deflect by attacking someone else remember those willing to discriminate against one class of people rarely just stop there

  26. I felt that the performance was inappropriate. I also couldn’t believe that a husband would allow his wife to wear so little clothing while he is in a full tuxedo (not that I want to see a scantily clad Jay Z).
    I feel that when you use sex to sell music, like addiction, you have to go to increasing lengths to get the same high or in their case, attention. They are making money and that is the name of their game but I wish a little more vocal talent was emphasized and less sexuality.

  27. I was totally disgusted… although she is a performer she is in a position of influence, and there are many ways to be sexy without being improper.. as no wife should parade around like that in front of the world.

  28. I couldn’t be disgusted because she’s not Celia Cruz, or Aretha, or Cesária Évora. She’s even different from Shakira because she does not have a ballad in her. Not realizing they hold women of color with contempt by the willingness of women like and nike and rihannas of showing in personal integrity as a women and someone’s daughter and mother. The American public that buys her records love to African women expose themselves as much as they can. They pay good money to see this exhibitionism. I will never. As an father of 4 beautiful African daughters. I am horrified about her appearance every time I see her. She would never pass my going on in public test. I’m starting to wonder if her or Solange are adopted. They can’t be biological sisters.

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