Chris Christie IS Overweight but Says “Shut Up” About It



By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I was just watching the women of the ABC show “The View” and the topic that caught my interest was a statement that the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, made in response to a fellow republican talking about his weight.

According to,

“Former White House physician Connie Mariano told CNN that she’s worried Christie may die in office if he’s elected president.”

Christie, in short, told her to “shut up”.
Some of the most negative feedback that I have gotten as a commentator and blogger has been in response to posts that I have written that discuss weight issues and how we can not continue to pretend that being overweight is an issue that needs direct and immediate confrontation.
      Do black people have a choice about being Black? Of course, not! Do Gay people have a choice about being gay? I am inclined to say no, but I recognize that there are arguments supporting a conclusion that says, yes, they have a choice. Do fat people have a choice? Again, I am inclined to say yes, and again acknowledge that there are those who argue that obesity is a disease and those that suffer from it have no choice.
     I think what we need to do, first of all, is stop lumping all these groups together. Yes, all these groups of people share a common experience-they tend to be discriminated against. That being said, as a Black person, I can not hide being Black and I generally don’t have a choice about whether or not I choose to disclose my race; a gay person has the choice to disclose their lifestyle.  Also, I can NOT stop being Black (nor do I want to). I argue that an overweight person does have the choice of taking some course of action that will eventually change their circumstance and I would also argue that an overweight person typically wants to be at a healthy weight.
            No matter how many people get mad and throw mud in my face and toss rocks my way, I stand by what I say in relation to weight issues-you can not change what you don’t acknowledge. I would be a poor excuse for a life coach and educator if I encouraged this passive approach that a lot of people seem tot be comfortable with. Overweight people are discriminated against, but the difference between them and  a Black person is that they CAN change the group they belong to-they have a choice.
          Did the physician, Connie Mariano, have the right to speak about Christie’s weight? I would say that she made some very valid points and even if Gov. Christie tells her to “shut up”, the points that she made still stand. She is a physician and not only that, she is a physician who has experience with treating and maintaining the health of the President.
          When President Obama decided to run for President, he decided to quit smoking because he understood that it would become a major issue when he was President. If Mr. Christie has his eye on the White House, his weight will be an issue and if his only response to it is “shut up”, he will probably end up saying that a lot!

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  1. The governor is morbidly obese. He is not healthy. He knows this. When (and only when)he wants to lose weight he will lose weight. No amount of talking to an obese persons will embarrass them. Your relation with the obese person will change. The obese person will begin to dislike you and the relationship will be in jeopardy. In the meantie the obese person is stil l obese.

  2. Most people who are overweight don’t like hearing it. I’m not sure why some are defensive, because real dangers exist being overweight. When people were tapping me on my shoulder or congratulating me for being pregnant ( I wasn’t expecting a baby). I decided to lose the weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. I decided to write my first book. I hoped to help others make healthy lifestyle changes. I hope the governor eventually changes his thoughts about his weight and understands the bigger picture.
    “Waisting Away I did it so can you”

  3. Brian F. Hathaway on

    Your thoughts were VERY well articulated on this subject and I couldn’t agree MORE! I got serious about my health two years ago and lost 70 pounds and have never felt better! Yes, it was and is a struggle but one I believe all of us can overcome especially those in the public eye who are role models, like it or not. Based on his reaction to a sincere physician’s concerns, Gov. Christie lost any chance of my vote by confirming his arrogant, pompous persona isn’t changing anytime soon! His is an undisciplined load who is NOT Presidential material and never will be!

  4. Chris Christie has no tact. He continues to say what he feels and that feeling is not always correct. Diplomacy is down the toilet as far as he is concerned but, he wants people to shut up. He said that his kids heard what the former white house doctor said about him as if those kids have not heard all of the loud mouth things he has said.
    Chris is unhealthy and he does not want to hear it.
    He speaks loud with a bullhorn and just like Sarah Pali. He does not want anyone to criticize him.. He needs to get over it. He is in politics and just like out present President is full game so is he.
    Why does he not stand up for all of the death threats that are made against our President. I am sure his kids ears hear about that. He is Republican and because of his affiliations with most of that party those kids have heard too much of everything.

  5. Didn’t think you could do it… but somehow “Your Black World” managed to twist transparent political hackery about Christie’s weight into a “black thing”…YIKES!!! Frankly don’t think Christie ever had a chance of ever getting Brian Hathaway’s vote anyway…YIKES!!! again…

    This doesn’t mean that Christie shouldn’t pay attention to his weight but the advice should come from those who really care for him & not from some Clinton era, politically motivated “attack doc” who should have been concerning herself with STD’s in the Oval Office when she was “on the job”……

  6. Pastori Balele on

    I agree with Dir. Connie Mariano that Chris is too fat for WH job. Presidential campaigns are so rigorous that Christ will just collapse. We don’t want him die while campaigning. I will ask his wife to discourage Chris from running and sue anybody talking Chris to run. Another issue he is too short. Americans don’t like short presidents. Worst of all Chris has temper tantrums. During debate he will just lose it and punch his opponents. Last issue is air lift. Regular copters cannot lift Chris. His campaign will have to rent a military copter. You remember when he had asthma attack? The Med Flight could not lift him. They had to rent a cargo military copter. This will be very expensive for his GOP campaign.

  7. Well Brian that reeks of the typical flatulent sanctimony we’ve come to appreciate from loads such as yourself. And when it comes to the morbidly obese once might want to train one’s big guns on targets closer to home than the New Jersey Italians. As a group they don’t hold the current record, do they?

  8. It is not about his weight. It is about his weight ahd wanting to be President. Americans probably don’t want a Fat Slob for a President.

  9. Being obese would not be a political issue for me voting for someone, but I might be tempted to send them a private message suggesting it will hurt their health. I vote for a person based on their stand on issues, programs, etc. NOT on what they look like. The fact that President Obama is Black didn’t matter to me either. His views and ideas did. It would definitely be in Gov. Christie’s interest to lose weight though … for his own long term health. I liked his response to the Hurricane Sandy episode, and his outspoken stand. I’d be inclined to consider voting for him for president.

  10. Overweight is like an illness. I know because I have fought it for years. I can drop 80 lbs, but then in a weak moment I start to relish my pastas and ice creams again. I just love cooking and food. I have learned about healthy eating, alternative medicine, and employed the rules, but like an addict I sometimes slip back. Many people have vices that they do not admit to, but overweight is just one vice you cannot hide.
    I like the way Gov. Christie handles politics, I hope he can find a healthy balance, and still enjoy his love of food and good health. He can reduce the portions that he eats of delicious things like tiramisu. His ancestors are the Mediterraneans who created those recipes but have one of the healthiest diets and ways of eating in the world.

  11. His weight wasn’t an issue until he was put in the spotlight. No one cared about him being obese as a governor before he became a govenor. Now that it’s possible that he can a presidential candidate, people are focused on his weight. Hypocritical bastards!

  12. Governor Christie knows he is over weight so there isno need to remind him. I encourage anyone struggling with their weight to go to *** and read this book. While there are numerous books out there on losing weight this is one book that reveals the keys to successful weight loss without the stress of counting calories and temporary fixes.. Unless you have a medical condition that contributes to your obesity you can choose to be obese or skinny, you can choose to be straight or gay but your ethnicity can’t be altered unless someone wants to invent customized tanning booths where you can choose your color!

  13. Clear, honest communication is key for a democracy to thrive and continue to grow. Shut up is not the correct response for any elected official to the public. We, the taxpayers pay their salaries and for years black women has beeen told that we are fat and other hurtful words have been written and spoken about us. However fortunately not all of us are running for public office but want to have lives rooted in actually doing something that changes in a proactive way the lives of others not just “hot air” No one wants to leave their family,children behind when they suffer a major stroke, heart attack. If your children are asking are you going to die from being to heavy. Yes we all are going to die but we do have choices while we walk this earth. Lets have a higher level of interaction than this continous low level shut up on display at a scheduled press conference. Leave the drama to the talk shows and lets walk in the world of reality We know we are better than this.

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