Nomalanga: Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Herself a “Ride or Die” Chick and I Love It


will n jadaBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Women like Jada Pinkett Smith are such a treasure because they stand for what they believe in regardless of who does or does not agree with them. This wife of seventeen years, who is married to one of the most famous actors in Hollywood does not mince words when it comes to talking about what is important to her. She not only talks about it, but she also lives it. Pinkett Smith is a woman who, in spite of being in Hollywood, which we know is where marriage and family generally go to die, has kept her family first and has kept them together.

I have followed the mother of 3 (including her step-son) for many years and what stands out to me about her is that she has managed to pursue her own dreams, as an actor as well as being in a singing band, and still managed to support and nurture her husband’s and her children’s dreams of also pursuing careers in music, acting, fashion and more.

Many women fall in the trap of thinking that pursuing your dreams and having a healthy and functional family life is an”either or” situation. Well, Mrs. Smith beautifully demonstrates that, yes, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Below is her Facebook post about being a “ride or die chick”:

Ride or die!

I woke up this morning feeling deeply grateful for my journey on the streets of Baltimore city. There is one law I learned there that has been the center of my values ever since… ride or die. At the end of the day… I’m a chick from Baltimore who will always ride or die for what I love most… #1 being… my family.

Who are you ride’n for, and whose ride’n for you? Get your ride or die game right cause we all know THAT’S a law that keeps anything we cherish… UNTOUCHABLE.

Happy Sunday.
Click up and… ride;)


This post by Jada got me thinking…Maybe that is why there are so many families falling apart. Could it be that we have become “ride or die” to money, fame and “getting ahead” and have lost that sense of passion and conviction when it comes to building strong and stable family structures for our children to grow up in?

Of course we have to use some discernment when it comes to relationships and not just pick horrible relationship partners and then stay in dysfunctional relationships because we are a “ride or die chick”. That being said, I do believe that we need more women who will or are  “ride or die chicks” when it comes to family. Maybe then we will see more families staying together and we will see more children growing up in more healthy and functional environments.

What do you think? What will you “ride or die” for?

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  1. Ride or Die Chicks are strong enough to walk away from degrading situations–especially when they are finacially set. I take the ride or die statement from her to mean she does not want to live without him–that is weak minded.

    • Not sure how you come up with that one. She is strong for hers; her man and her children. Why hate? If she was the opposite somebody here would be complaining that black women should be supporting her black man. Much love Jada.

  2. This is a revisionist joke right?
    Will divorced his first wife. Jada got pregnant. Will married Jada and the rumors are he gets plenty of extra on the side.
    Jada can’t say Jack because Will making millions.

    moral: If your man marries you because you are pregnant- chances are he is still looking. Why not give him a choice instead of trapping him.

    Don’t mean to be cruel but life is what it is. IF you’re not together and you have to say you are in a “grown” relationship,then you’ve already fallen apart and you’re just kidding yourself.

  3. You go girl! Haters goin hate but you do you! Yes we need to be Ride or Die to our families and our selves and those 2 things should be I’m alignment. I love that quality in Jada and she doesn’t backdown because of what others think. See no matter what she /you/me does – someone is going to have something to say about it. The ghetto has taken Ride or Die to the streets but a real rode or Die is getting it done on so many levels and building not tearing down. So do you Boo!!!

  4. Why do we as black folks, hate on a woman who is “doing it all, and doing it well?” She should be an inspiration!

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