Nomalanga: Why Sherri Shepherd Should Walk Away From The Test-tube Baby


Sherri Shepherd and Lamar SallyBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Sherri Shepherd has been in the headlines a lot of late, even before she announced she was leaving The View. First it was revealed that her second husband was filing for divorce and soon after it was revealed that she had also filed for divorce in a different state. The latest news is that Shepherd allegedly said that she does not want the unborn baby that her and her soon-to-be-ex-husband paid a surrogate to carry for them.

It has been reported that the The View co-host accused her husband of plotting to have a baby with her so that he would then divorce her and collect child support. The problem with her husband’s alleged plan is that when the “test-tube” baby was conceived, the eggs that were used were not Shepherds’ even though the “seed” came from her husband, Lamar Sally.

It has been reported that the reason why Shepherd filed for divorce in a different state is that she filed in New Jersey where she can petition the court to absolve her of any responsibility for the surrogate baby. Many people have taken to social media to voice their harsh judgement of the  talk show host for walking away from “a baby that she agreed to create”.

Now, had the comedienne and her husband agreed with a surrogate that the surrogate would carry their baby and said baby was conceived with Shepherd’s eggs and her husband’s “seed”, I may have understood why there was an uproar about Sherri not wanting to have anything to do with the baby. Considering that the comedian and actress reportedly says that she believes that her soon-to-be-ex was just plotting to come for her money and he’s the one that filed for the divorce, I think she is well within her rights to walk away from both him and the “test-tube baby” (that has no biological connection to her).

If you think that Shepherd is evil for wanting to walk away from a baby that she originally wanted to raise with her husband, consider that she can still be in the child’s life without all the court drama and child support fees. If Sally really wants Sherri to be a co-parent, he could have tried to work things out with her amicably. The fact that his first instinct was to run to the courts, to me, suggests he had “money on his mind”!

Consider, as well, that Sherri Shepherd is the same woman who, on an episode of The View blurted out that she had had “many abort!ons”. Why does it seem like a stretch that a woman who would repeatedly get pregnant and keep terminating the pregnancies would walk away from a baby that was not even biologically hers? And why did Sally think she would hesitate to cut ties?

We hear too many stories about couples that divorce where the man was the primary bread winner and the woman is accused of being a gold-digger for requiring the man to pay alimony and child support. In a lot of those cases, the women have forgone great careers and made sacrifices that they would not have made had they not gotten married and had children. In the case of Sally, first of all, he was not married to Shepherd long enough to claim that he had become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and he did not quit his job to ease the pressure of a pregnancy or raise their children.

It may seem like Sherri Shepherd is ruthless for saying she wants nothing to do with the unborn baby but if it turns out that Sally was so low of a man that he was plotting to cash out after leaving Shepherd then he deserves to go forward with none of his ex-wife’s money. If indeed he really did want a baby and not Sherri’s money, then she is just giving him what he wants. As for what will ultimately happen to the unborn baby, time will tell.

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  1. Nikki from The Bronx on

    I’m team Sherri and I hate the fact that she won’t be returning to The View. I enjoyed seeing two (2) African American women on a national network show (even though at times I found it hard to listen to her loud rants, LOL). I think Sherri’s choice if that’s her choice is to walk away since it appears that he’s trying to get alimony and child support from her. This would be the second time that monetary gains from her has happened again. I would hope that her prenup was an iron-clad agreement and that he would get what he came into the marriage with. Her first husband, Jeff Tarpley received alimony payments from her. Lesson learned Sherri and I hope for your sake that you would have some recourse.

  2. What a callous and unscrupulous response, by the writer of this article, as well as Sherri Shepherd. It’s apparent that the writer is trying to cover for Sherri’s poor decision making skills. Who goes through in-vitro unless that person WANTS a child. OBVIOUSLY, Sherri wanted a baby, because she AGREED to him finding and impregnating a surrogate. She may have had 100 abortions beforehand, (which is trifling, since abortion is NOT a form of birth control), but she made a LEGAL contract for this baby. Regardless, her decision to marry someone she BARELY knew, who was NOT as financially successful, who was still seeing his former lover, and tried to have that woman be in their wedding, shows me how FOOLISH Sherri was in the first place, because she walked into a MISTAKE, and whether she likes it or not, mistakes have to be paid for. I don’t want that baby to go such a horrible example of motherhood. But she should PAY for it to stay away. She IS responsible for that unborn child being created, as is the husband. But she won’t be able to abort this one.

    • Diva; i totally disagree; while Sherri may have agreed to having a child by surrogate parentage…she did so under the impression that said child would be cared for by TWO; she was badly deceived. She is absolutely correct in her decision, any other view, such as yours is just NUTS!

      • And just how was she deceived???did Lamar Sally force her to do this?? I’m sure if he wanted a child before marrying Sherri there were plenty women out there to choose from, and besides they tried with Sherri first and it didn’t work that’s when they went via surrocacy so I don’t call that being deceived she knew full well, what she was doing and most likely the courts will see it that way she would have to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that her marriage was a fraud and that he was in it for the money, but what’s really going on now is that Sherri is paying the consequences for all those abortions that she proudly talked about of the babies, she didn’t want and now she has one that she doesn’t want it’s called what goes around comes around.

      • Woman has an affair, woman gets pregnant, woman tells husband she wants divorce and child support, baby does not belong to the husband. Husband is found to be responsible because of marriage, even though none of this is his doing. Johnny Carson was married for 2 weeks and his wife wanted half lol! Kirk Kerkorian is paying $100,000 a month for a child he knows, the judge knows, and his ex-wife knows is not his child. This is the system we live in and deal with everyday. Sherri lost that weight and decided she could do better. When the chips hit the table and she realized she had to pay, it became he’s a gold digger. Cut the check!

    • Diva, you hit it on the nail and if SS petitions to not get this child SHE agreed upon? She’ll have another COURT CASE before her to deal with..

      SS having all them abortions used as birth control-and taking drugs polluted her body I’m sorry to say and at the end of the day she created this and I’m not judging its a fact that she did drug and had atleast 9-10 abortions that she admits too.. is my hope that she works it all out with GOd and herself and further MAKE the RIGHT steps to a better life for her and her only child at this point from a previous marriage and that HUSBAND is petitioning the courts to have joint custody of HIS child revised.. she created quite a mess for herself.. and what I find quite simple as an unbelief is the fact that team SS has taken her side based upon what she has said ONLY, wait until both husbands come with their facts and its going to change the dynamics I’m certain.. she’ll get thru this season..but its gonna be hard for her, she has to answer for the steps she has taken..

    • Wutzurmotivation on

      It’s funny how people want to tell others how to spend their money and live their lives. Take a look at yourself and think: What would you do in this situation? Honestly… Stop with the foolery. This lady made the best decision for her circumstances. Thank God there is a balance of optimistic people to counter-act the pessimists in our society. So many nay-sayers… SMH

  3. Diva,
    You are judging a case that you only have bits and pieces of.

    This is Sherri’s business and if Sherri makes a decision it is for her to make…Abortions and all. It will not affect you whatsoever.

    • Unwanted, unparented, children affect us all. The feeling of rejection and abandonment often never leaves and is the source of anti social behavior, mental illness and violence. The motherless child that Sherri chose to create could develop into the person who blows your child or grandchild’s head off.

      It’s appalling that Sherri wants a baby IF she has the man but wants nothing to do with the baby if she doesn’t. Granted, Sherri is a poor excuse for a mother but she is the legal mother, nonetheless. Like men who abandon children, Sherri is legally and financially responsible.

  4. We need to save the judgment until facts are known (if she decides to dish). There is more to this situation than the public may be privy to and there could possibly be deceptive practices involved. So until then I am #TeamSherri.

  5. I agree with Sherri, they did not use her eggs and the child is not her biological child. Because her soon to be ex-husband is a male he is not considered a gold-digger. If he truly wanted the child he shouldn’t expect any monetary assistance from Sherri.

    • Even though it was not Sherri’s eggs she agreed to bring this innocent baby into this world. Sharri has a history of making irresponsible and impulsive decisions.

      Sad to say that baby is the cause of both idiots immature decision and what makes me sicker is the supporters of Sharri demanding that she skip out on her ADULT responsibility.

  6. I hear that he was getting with the woman who conceived. However it is Sherri’s decision. The husband seems like someone after money and using a child to do it.

  7. Women kill me. You love the Law and the Criminal Justice system when Friend of the Court puts men in jail that made the stupid decision of having children that they can’t take care of but when a woman does the same thing she gets a pass.

    She signed a Legal Contract. She probably paid for the operation and now she wants to renig. GTFOH! Not only that but what does it say to all the children of adopted parents, or children of step-parents. I’m not your real biological Father or Mother so anytime something happens with my Partner I’m no longer your parent and see ya.

    But what else do you expect from modern day self-absorbed women. She married this loser and paid for bringing a child into this world and now doesn’t want to live up to the responsibility she signed on too. All a Black Woman has to do is pull her Victim Card and all her stupid decisions just disappear and the legion of no accountabilty always points the finger at the evil Black Man.

    Could anyone point me to the picture at their wedding with him holding the shotgun on her forcing her to do anything. It’s like women whine about equality and respect in one blog and then whenever they get treated like any other adult who made stupid decisions she magically turns into a little child incapable of making grown woman decisions.

    Only some retarded slob of a woman can openly make statements bragging about how many babies she has murdered with abortion and then take no responsibilty for a child she signed on to bringing into this world. Where can I get a va gina so I will never be held accountable for my decisions in life. Maybe I should go to Brazil and get the transgender hook-up so I can spend the rest of my life being an idiot and never paying for it.

  8. Both Sherri and her husband are acting like children. Given her irresponsible lifestyle with the abortions, she is not capable of taking care of her son now.

    Either she takes responsibility for her part in this innocent child’s doomed life or STFU.

    Both Sherri and her husband need to be whipped with a hog cane.

  9. None of us know the real reason why Sherri does not want any part of this child it’s always three sides to every story his,hers,and the truth.If people could just change their minds, on the drop of a dime after entering into an agreement or a contract there would not be a need for contracts.Sherri entered into this arrangement willingly, and obviously with expectations of raising this child with Lamar Sally I’m sure he didn’t twist her arm and according to her he had no job so where did $ 100,000.00 in funds come from needed for invitro fertilization?? now that the marriage is heading for divorce court is still no reason for her to shirk her responsibility as the other parent.If this was the other way around it being Lamar Sally and not Sherri Shepherd, you would have the same comments just more harsh and he would be considered a dead beat dad, and called every name in the book so no parent should turn their back on an unborn child biologically theirs or not especially if they have agreed to care for this child until it reaches the legal age.If the courts in California has it’s way Sherri will be paying child support she should hope that she doesn’t end up paying tons of money just as Halle Berry did.

  10. First, his attorney filed divorce papers less than 2 weeks before Ms.Barbara Walters retired from The View, that move would’ve blindsided the best and worst, then he’s attempting to “cash-in”, on his ex-wife. Screw that sorry sack of sh!£! It’s sad that there’s no way to prove in a court of law that he planned these negative intentions from the beginning, like log of text messages or someone other than Ms. Sheppard to prove That He’s A Fat Fraud! SMH

  11. William Leonard on

    Sherri have some issues. Jump up and marry a person you only known for a short period of time right after you get rid of another X and agree to have a another woman to have a baby for you to please a man shortly after you get married. Now you speak about having an abortion. This mean you are having unprotected sex. I think the man is trying to play you for your money.

  12. I agree that Sherri should NOT be responsible for any obligations of the child or her ex husband(s). They both are clearly after her money and should not get one brown penny! Her first husband want money and the second husband is truly a gold digging man that is looking for a way for a woman to take care of him. I don’t blame Sherri…its not her baby and she should not be responsible for taking care of it! Let him carry his big butt back to work and take care of the baby himself…shame on him for trying to get her money and using an innocent child to do it…

  13. When we do things outside the natural course of life and biology, we get into dilemmas that are difficult to please everyone. Since, the baby does not carry any Sherri DNA and Sheri did not adopt the baby, you probably have a stepchild at best if the couple stayed married. Nobody can make you adopt a baby. Even if the surrogate contract is upheld, the obligation was to the surrogate who does not want the baby. I don’t think that anyone can legally be compelled to pay child support for a step child. Why does Lamar think that Sherri will not sue him for custody(just to be mean)? Especially since he can;t take care of the child. But it is Hollywood and they make up stuff all the time. Good luck Sherri.

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