Not All Affairs Are Physical: Find Out How to Spot an Emotional Affair


By: Krystle Crossman

Affairs are heartbreaking and can tear relationships apart in an instant. But when you think of an affair, what comes to mind? Many think that you are only having an affair if you are physically doing something with someone else, but what about emotional affairs? They can be just as painful as a physical affair, if not more painful. Here are five signs that your partner may be having an emotional affair with someone:

1. Criticism – Often when someone is an emotional affair they become critical of their partner. They will begin to compare their current partner to the one that they are cheating with and try to find things that irritate them or that they don’t like about their partner. If they hear that someone is saying something bad about the person that they are cheating with they will become extremely defensive, especially if their current partner is the one saying these things.

2. Distance – As they grow closer to the other person that they are cheating with they will grow more and more distant from their partner. Conversations between them will slowly start to become non-existent or they will only answer questions in short sentences. They will make excuses as to why they cannot go out and do something with their current partner because they do not feel connected to them anymore.

3. Gut Feelings – When the person who is being cheated on has a feeling deep down that their partner is having an affair it should not be ignored. Usually when you have a deep gut instinct, there is a reason.

4. Secrets – When someone is having an emotional affair they become very secretive. They will change all of their passwords to emails and such if their partner knows what they are. They will take phone calls in a different room. They will keep their phone on them at all times so there is never a chance that their current partner may see who is calling or who they are texting.

5. Social Media – Some people are not really into the social media craze. They may have Facebook or Twitter account but until they start having an emotional affair they never really use it. This could be their only way of communicating with this person and they will begin to be on these social media sites constantly. They may also be glued to their cell phone like never before.


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