Not Getting Any? These Common Problems Could Be Why Your Intimacy is Stalled


By: Krystle Crossman

New relationships are fun, exciting, and usually filled with a lot of steamy nights in the bedroom. However as the relationship progresses many couples find that they are stalling in the intimacy department. This happens to a lot more couples than you may think. Here are some common issues in relationships that can halt your love life according to blogger Margaret Paul:

– Being needy is not really the definition of s*xy. When you begin to cling to your partner and look to them for some validation in your life it can be a huge turn off.

– Men and woman have very different s*x drives. Men often peak in their teens and 20s while women peak a little later in life. Tune in to your partners needs as well as yours and come up with a solution that makes both of you happy.

– When you get into little fights and arguments the anger and hurt is often passed on to your partner. If you blame each other all the time it will affect all aspects of your relationship, including the intimate ones.

– Many couples are so busy these days that time with one another falls to the wayside. This will affect intimacy because you need to have a close connection with your partner which you cannot do if you never see each other.

– You must be open to learning new things about your partner and yourself. If you are not your love life will suffer for it.

– The silent treatment is never fun for anyone. When you give up the communication during an argument because you don’t want to deal with it you are creating even more conflict.

– Don’t engage in a battle for power. Being equal is what being in a relationship is all about. When one person tries to control the other in order to be more powerful all parts of the relationship suffer.

– When you feel that your partner is trying to take control of you it causes you to pull away from them. Withdrawing from communication with your significant other is definitely not the way to have a healthy s*x life.

– In order to have physical intimacy you must also have emotional intimacy. Take some time just for yourself and your partner and reconnect on an emotional level before attempting to be physical again.


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