Not “in the mood”? Here Are Some Unexpected Reasons


© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation“Not tonight honey, I have a headache.”

“No, I am not in the mood.”

Common phrases uttered by men and women alike when they just don’t feel like getting “intimate” with their partners. Some people honestly don’t feel well or are too tired. But some have a lack of libid0 and can’t pinpoint why. All they know is that they are just not in the mood. Here are some common reasons why you could be withholding from your partner.

1. Your medication is killing the mood. Antidepressants and fibromyalgia medications are among the biggest culprits in the pharmaceutical world for decreasing libid0. Medications that have estrogen or testosterone can decrease your s*x drive as well. Talk to your doctor about possible alternatives for your medication.

2. Allergies are making you sneeze…all the time. 83% of allergy sufferers say that it completely turns them off of s*x. Antihistamines cause [email protected] dryness as well, so a [email protected] is needed.

3. If you have changed your diet to get healthier, you may find that your libid0 decreases along with your weight. Don’t bother with fad diets, see a nutritionist instead.

4. You are tired. When you are tired, there is nothing you want to do more than sleep.

5. When you are stressed out the last thing that you are thinking about is s*x. Relax first, then go for it. You may find it is just what you needed.

6. You drank a little too much and now you are having trouble performing. At this point, it is best to sleep it off and try again later!

7. If you and your partner have been fighting all day, you may not even want to look at them let alone sleep with them. Communication can help bring the spark back.

8. Eating disorders can throw your body out of whack. If you weigh too much or too little, your libid0 can suffer, along with your partner.

9. You are bored and unsatisfied but you aren’t saying anything about it. Communicate to your partner that the s*x isn’t what it used to be and try to put a little spice in!

10. Thanks to Facebook and texting, you may be too controlled by technology to live in the real world. Put the phone down and concentrate on the person in front of you.


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