Not in the Mood? The Amount of This Ingredient That You Are Eating Could Be the Cause


By: Serena Crawford

Sugary sweet foods are everywhere. It is hard to find a food in your diet that does not contain it. But that sugar that you are eating could actually be killing your libido. If you have found your bedroom life to be lacking lately take a look at what you are eating through the day. You could be eating too much sugar and that could be causing your rut. Here are three ways that sugar will affect your s*x life:

1. Sugar takes all of the energy right out of you. While you may get hyperactive after you have had something sweet this does not last long. The sugar crash follows shortly after. It causes you to become lethargic as the day goes on. Your blood sugar levels hit a high when you ingest the sweet foods. This causes more insulin to be made in the pancreas. When the sugar is gone and the excess insulin remains you are left with the crash. Excessive sugar can also decrease the amount of the neurotoxin orexin which plays an important role in arousal.

2. Testosterone levels can be severely impacted with a high refined carbohydrate diet. Foods in this type of diet include alcohol, sugars, and white flour. When you have a lot of these types of carbohydrates you do not produce as much testosterone. This affects men’s ability to “rise to the occasion” but it also affects women. Women have testosterone as well and it is responsible for arousal so when your testosterone levels are low you will find it difficult to become aroused.

3. When we are stressed out many tend to turn to the sugary junk foods. This is only going to make things worse however. When you eat sugar your cortisol levels rise. These levels are already elevated when you are stressed out an not getting enough sleep. Adding sugar into the mix causes them to rise even farther and cause inflammatory reactions. Over time these high levels of cortisol will make you feel tired all of the time, reduce your libido greatly, and make you feel like you have no energy.


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