Not Just For Men: Seven Interesting Facts About Women and Flying Solo in the Bedroom


By: Krystle Crossman

The Journal of S*x Research has recently published a study that reports that most women say they [email protected] at least once per week. This is a topic that is not often spoken about because women are far more private about their alone time than men are. Arizona State University also conducted a study with a sampling of 20 women of different ages, races, and backgrounds. They found out some interesting facts from these 20 women:

1. Some of the women said that it can feel like a chore when they are not able to achieve [email protected] while they are flying solo. They said it also feels like work when they are doing it after an encounter with their partner that has left them unsatisfied.

2. 18 out of the 20 women stated that they used s*x toys regularly when it was time for a little solo fun.

3. Most of the women stated that it made them happy. It lifted their moods, helped them to explore their bodies, and really become in tune with what they liked and didn’t like.

4. Every woman in the study reported having [email protected] at least once in their lives. Some of them had once done it a few times while others reported that they did it daily.

5. Most of the women had no idea what other women did when they were flying solo. They mostly thought that it was all about [email protected] with a s*x toy but that turned out not to be the case. Most of the women reported focusing more on the cl!toris than anything else.

6. Some of the women stated that they believed that men did it more than women did. A few even said that they only did it for their guys who liked to watch instead of for themselves.

7. Most of the women didn’t need anything fancy. One said that it was a daily routine like brushing her teeth. Another said that she liked to start her day off by pleasuring herself in the shower.


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