Obesity is Officially a Disease – Does That Reduce Personal Responsibility?


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The American Medical Association has voted to make obesity a recognized disease in an effort to fight the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the country. In the last 20 years the AMA has noted that obesity has doubled in adults and nearly tripled in children. Other organizations such as the FDA, IRS, and World Health Organization already recognized obesity as a disease.

In a study done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 30% of adults were obese in 2011 in 12 different US states. He predicted that if we kept going at this pace than the rate would be 60% in 13 different states and all states would be 44% obese by 2030.

People are obese for many different reasons. It is associated with diseases like Type II Diabetes, some cancers, and heart disease. It is also due to the processed food that so many Americans eat. Obesity related issues are expected to increase the cost of health care in the country which is already too high. This is because those who are overweight suffer from diseases like Diabetes which is expensive to manage, as well as cancer.

The recommendations that the American Medical Association has for helping to combat obesity begin with the physicians and the medical insurance companies. They are urging the two to recognize that obesity is a complex disorder. They are encouraging them to educate the public about all of the health risks that can occur due to being overweight.

The AMA has also recommended that a National Obesity Awareness Month be created so that the effects of exercise and the risks of being overweight can be highlighted and the public can become more educated.



  1. this is just bull. what they need to do is push there asses away from the table. instead of going to a fast food place to eat, they should be running around the place.

    • Krystle Crossman on

      FYI Not everyone that is overweight is that way because they shovel food in their mouths 24/7. Do some research before you put people down.

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