Obsessed With Love? Signs You May Be Letting Your Search for “The One” Ruin Your Life


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Almost all of us want to find that one special person to spend the rest of our lives with. Some of us are more persistent than others and it can end up taking over your entire life. If you find that you are thinking about finding love more than anything else in your life you may want to take a step back and think about what you are missing by only focusing on finding a partner. Here are some signs that you are obsessed with love according to Maryann Hammers of Match.com:

1. You spend your every waking moment thinking about finding “The One”: If you find that you are not going out to have fun and connect with your friends or family but rather are out guy hunting, you just may be obsessed. Think about all of the places that you could be going and possibly meeting someone without even trying. You will never be happy if you don’t do things that you used to enjoy doing before the love obsession kicked in.

2. You buy your dates a fair amount of presents: Buying gifts for someone you are dating is always nice, but in small doses. When you start showering them with lavish and expensive gifts after the first date not only will it appear that you are trying to buy their affection but you may come off as needy too. Save your money and wait to buy them something at the right time for the right reason instead of buying random gifts every day.

3. You are overly anxious about your age: People find love at all ages so stop stressing about how old you are. There is no set timeline for finding the love of your life and if you stress about it the anxiety will show to anyone you come in contact with. It is going to be hard getting a date when you are acting like a hot mess instead of someone who is confident.

4. You rush when you finally find someone: After the first date, wait a few days at least before trying to lock down a second date. Don’t call them your “boyfriend” until you have confirmation that you are both in the same mindset. If you move things along too quickly it could scare them off easily. Take your time and let things progress naturally.

5. Every first date is the last date in your mind: If you hang all of your future bliss on your first date you most likely won’t find a long-term partner. If even the tiniest mistake or flub happens on that first date and you find yourself freaking out over it you will end up scaring him off. Again, take things slow and let them progress naturally. If the first date with this one doesn’t go well there will always be another.


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