Oh No: Jill Scott Among the Victims of Leaked [email protected] Photos


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Singer Jill Scott has always portrayed herself well. She is classy and respectful. Unfortunately she has now become one of the many celebrities who have had their phones hacked and had nude photos of her released. One photo shows Scott with a loosely tied robe on that covers all of her parts. Then there is another photo where she is standing completely [email protected] in front of a mirror.

Scott has recently responded to these photos. She states that the one in the robe is her and that she was trying to document her weight loss journey. She states that the second where the figure is fully nude is not her. She tweeted, “I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs.” The second photo does look an awful lot like Scott’s body type however the face is covered in the photo by the phone that the picture is being taken with. The phone in the completely uncovered photo is different from the one that Scott says is real. Another interesting aspect of the second photo is that while the forearms, chest, legs, and head seem to be that of an African-American woman, the torso and the upper appear to be that of a white woman.

After the photos were released Scott received a lot of negative comments about her body. There were many more that defended the 42 year old however. She became a trending celebrity on Twitter after the photos were released but she was not happy about all of the attention.

Other celebrities have spoken out against the hackers after their photos were leaked. Jennifer Lawrence took it very seriously and posted that the authorities have been contacted and anyone who reposts the stolen photos will be prosecuted. She said it was an extreme invasion of privacy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead said that the creepiest part was that the photos that were leaked of her were ones that she had deleted them long ago which shows the amount of work and time that someone put into this.


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