Oh No! You’ve Gained Weight; Don’t Do These Things


By: Krystle Crossman

We all gain weight every now and then even when we are eating healthy and exercising. When you do gain a little weight make sure that you don’t panic. If you start to worry about losing that weight instantly you may end up making these 10 mistakes that could cause you to gain even more instead of losing it:

1. Do not beat yourself up over the weight gain. If you start to look down on yourself you could end up losing self-esteem which can cause weight gain.

2. Don’t accept that you have gained weight. You don’t want to be down on yourself for it but at the same time don’t give in to the extra weight because before you know it you could end up gaining a lot more.

3. Stop stepping on the scale. If you weigh yourself multiple times per day, or even per week, you are going to become more frustrated. Weigh fluctuates by a few pounds during the day due to water weight and what you have been eating. You are just going to stress yourself out even more if you keep weighing yourself.

4. Do not skip meals. If you start skipping meals you could mess up your blood sugar levels and down the road this could really mess with your system.

5. Don’t stop exercising. You want to keep up with your normal routine. You can amp it up a little bit but don’t go crazy.

6. Don’t exercise too much. Just because you have gained a small amount of weight does not mean that you need to double up on your exercise. Keep doing your normal workout routine. Adding a few more minutes per day or pushing the intensity a bit can help but make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself too far.

7. Don’t go buying a whole new wardrobe. While you may need some new clothes for a little while do not spend a fortune on new clothes. Hit the thrift shops so that when they are too big again you won’t feel like you wasted money.

8. Listen to your body. Make sure that you pay attention to when you are hungry and when you are full. This will help you so that you don’t overeat and gain more weight.

9. Don’t try out fad diets. They never work and will lead you to gain more weight.

10. Stop focusing on what you think you can’t eat. The more you think about it the more you are going to crave the foods that you don’t want to eat.


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