Olive Oil, Brown Rice and Other Foods That Are Not As Healthy As We Think


By: Krystle Crossman

There are articles and lists that come out all the time that tell us what foods we shouldn’t be eating because they are not good for us. The lists grow and grow as people find new things wrong with the foods that we eat daily. Some of the foods that we think are healthy to eat actually are less than healthy. Here are five examples of foods that are not as great as one may think:

1. Extra v!rgin olive oil – This oil is touted as a great substitute for butter and a seemingly healthier option because of the “healthy fats”. Even though they are healthy fats, they are still fat. In moderation they are good for you, especially your heart. However just one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil has 4.5 grams of fat. How often do you use just one teaspoon? When it is heated to the point where it is smoking it releases ketones and hydroperoxides that are linked with causing cancer.

2. Sprouts – These plants do not have much of a taste so they go well on everything from salad to pizza. The problem is that they are very often covered with bacteria such as listeria and salmonella.

3. Kombucha – You will find this drink sold at many yoga studios. It is said to give you more energy and have less joint pain but none of that has been proven. The reality is that this drink has at least four teaspoons of sugar per eight ouces. When you chug this while exercising that is far too much sugar being consumed.

4. Brown rice – Instead of eating white rice many people will go the brown rice route. They think that it is better for them because it has a lower glycemic index than white rice, but the difference is too slim to make a difference for those who need to watch their blood sugar. Instead, try quinoa.

5. Juice – Juicing has been a huge craze for a long time now. People feel better about their health when they sip on a juice because we have always been told that fruits and veggies are good for us. Fruits actually have a very high sugar content depending on the fruit. When you drink fruit juice you ingest a very high amount of sugar. Plus you lack the fiber that you would normally get from just eating the foods outright.


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